Why Is It

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why - July 11

why is it that all the young girls can get pregnant unplaned, and when adult women what to get pregnant they cant, so why cant they share more often.


LL - July 11

That's just the way the world works. It sucks and it's sad but that's life.


Audrey - July 11

Why- I wish they could share! :-) Young women are more fertile than older women. That's the way nature is. A hundred years ago it was fairly common for a woman to be married by 18 and have 10 children by the time she was 40.


Agree - July 11

I agree with Audrey. Our society has changed so much over the years, but it's also nice having fertility drugs and invitro to help just in case a couple can't have babies. I know no one wants to hear this but things happen for a reason. Maybe it's just an older couple needs to ttc a bit longer than younger ones.


? - July 11

so girl just think that being a mom is time to play house, they dont think about the baby, or there future, how much it cost. placing a baby is the most unselfish thing a girl could, i just want to thank all the girls that gave the people that can get pregnant, a family, so THANK YOU. and God Bless


just looking - July 12

i have a cousin that has spent over 47 thousand $ trying to get pregnant, it never worked, so they looked in to adoption, a girl found they, when the baby was born she changed mine, so if any young girl out there wanting to place there babys, please leave me a message thank agin


meg - July 12

just looking, ill let u know, if i know of anyone, thats going to give there baby up. ok meg


helpful hints - July 12

I guess thats why they have adoption plans


i dont know - July 13

i just thinks its not very fair, to the women that want kids


missy - July 13

not all young ppl get pregnant some have problems too but i understand how you feel


please think first - July 14

to me its just not fair, i would love to get pregnant, but i cant, so to all those girls that place to have and abortion, place think of all of that cant get pregnaat, we could give ur child the world,!!!



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