Why Is Teenage Sex Pregnancy So Frown Upon

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Frog - September 12

.....when in some countries girls are married and having children by the time they are 12?


? - September 9



Viv - September 9

Some countries do permit marriage at an early age, but it is kind of betrothal and a means of protecting the girl from wayward boys. They do not have children at 12. More like at 15. In these countries women are not supposed to get an education. They stay home and cook or garden and look after their babies. Most of them cannot read. America is an industrialized nation. In order to survive one must have an education and acquire other skills such as driving a car and filling in forms and looking after money. Bearing children early interferes with this process, even though the body produces hormones that make s_x desirable. This is why teen pregnancy is discouraged.


brucen - September 10

Cultural differences. Case and point: Some Americans b__w a gasket because a b___b was exposed during primetime, while the rest of the free world is wondering "What's the big deal?"


tru - September 10

If you live into todays world you would know that in this society it is not so much frowned on anymore because it is such a common thing anymore. It is not praised for the fact that there is so much that life has to offer us these days that people feel that we can not take advatage of it if we have children young. I am not one to knock it I had my first when I was 17, but I had a lot of help from my family and I do believe that my whole life changed for the better because of her!!


Tamara - September 11

Teen pregnancy is frowned on because of the fact that teens are unable to care for themselves and have to rely on others to a__sist w/a baby once it is born. For example, alot of teens rely on their parents or the state welfare system. Teens don't realize that it takes money and an education to be able to support themselves and a child (living w/mommy & daddy is not the solution).


Charlie - September 11

Teenage s_x/pregnancy shows a lack of education, morals, and upbringing. In todays society, woman are expected to be educated and driven not baby making machines. When you start making babies as a teenager you are just that, A baby making machine. Nothing more!


Bailey - September 11

Teens just want to feel good so they have s_x w/o protection and pop up pregnant- we do it w/o thinking. People frown upon it because we teens are not responsible enough to have s_x or babies. We can't even take care of ourselves. Being a teen is complicated enough w/o having to add s_x or babies into the mix. I only wish I would have realized all this before I had s_x and got pregnant. I have since made a huge & responsible decision to give my baby up for adoption. This whole situation has made me know that I am not old enough or ready for s_x. The fun was temporary but the results are permanent. I will refrain from now on! Betcha!


Emily - September 11

I am not having s_x anymore either. He said he loved me so I had s_x w/him & got prego. Afterwards I found out that he was having s_x w/other girls in my high school. He swore and I thought I knew I was the only one. We are no longer together. S_x is for adults. My life has been turned upside down because I just knew I wanted to have s_x and I thought I was ready. Boy, was I wrong and now I am no longer a virgin & prego. Not to mention everyone in my high school thinks I am a s___t although this bf was my only s_xual partner!


William - September 11

Having s_x and babies as teens is a BIG DEAL, brucen! Teens are not ready for the responsibility. Gosh, they haven't even begun to live and you are condoning teen s_x and pregnancy. Save the adult decisions for the adults will you.


Tara - September 11

Take it from a pregnant teen- s_x and guys are not worth it. It is frowned on because we aren't old enough to realize our bad decisions until it is too late. We are not old enough or responsible enough to be having s_x or kids. As teens we should be going to dances, concerts, movies, learning to drive, turning 21 & getting drunk for the first time- generally enjoying life before we begin to make adult decisions. I was stupid but you & others can learn from my mistake. Save s_x and pregnancy for after marriage. It is the only way to have a happy future life.


Mickey - September 11

hey i am 10 weeks pregnent and im 15 this isnt the worst thing in the world people tell teens that there is no way to take care of a baby and your stupid and stuff or your not resposible enough i no plenty of teen moms that are way more responsible now that they have a baby and not every teen mom is on welfare or gets support ( money ) from there parents i no i dont i have a job and my babys father has a job and the only reason im still living with my mom is because my mom is supporting me ( emotional support) and she is makin sure i finish school and just because a teen gets pregnent doesnt mean that there parents didnt do a good job at rasing them i no my parents did really good job so far with me and my brother and sister and it doesnt mean that they have a lack of education either i am really smart the condom broke and my birthcontrol failed but im takeing resposibility for what happend and im going to keep my baby and do the best i can to raise this baby my bf is so happy that hes gonna be a daddy and he is doing everything he can to save money and i can take care of my self i have been for over a year cuz of my job i dont get money from my parents most people think having a baby and being a teen mom is the worst thing that could ever happen and it ruins your life but it dont my sister is 21 and has 2 kids ( first at 18) and she is really happy and she loves her kids so people need to stop telling teen moms that there stupid and they just need to support (emotionaly) and it will maybe make it a lil easyer on them


Tamara - September 12

Ca__sie- I don't have to justify myself to you. You are so brilliant and that is why you cannot write or form sentences properly. That is probably why you are pregnant too. Grow up, get your a__s in school and learn a few things before you start playing house!


Heather - September 12

For you Ca__sie: Tamara and everyone else on this forum have the right to state their opinion just like yourself. If you don't agree w/it then don't read it or don't come to this forum. That's the problem w/people like you, you want to be heard but you don't want to listen to others. That is probably why you are in the situation you are in. Peace out!


UNKNOWN - September 13



Tamara - September 13

Um, right Ca__sie. I can tell that you are educated by the way you write. What educational system did you slide by in? What a joke...... If you can't take others peoples opinions, I guess you shouldn't post. Last time I checked this was a free country- USA that is!


a__lei - September 13

Teenage pregnancy is morally & socially unacceptable in the US if you were raised in a middle cla__s to higher cla__s family.



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