Why R All These Lil Girls Wanting To Have Babies

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wanting to know - April 12

I would really like to know why so many of these young girls want to have babies so bad. A child is a serious responsibility and not a doll.Uhave 2understand the belly is not just a cute thing that people say ahhh too.You can have complications during pregnancy you can miscarry you can come to a lot of problem that you are not aware of.I think most of you girl are trying to fill some sort of space that is empty and you think that having a baby will do that ,it wont it a lot of work mostof you young girl are still in school ,not working ,no boyfriend and half of u that do have bf will not have one after there here the news this is the real world and is’t more to name brand clothers and all the how cute s/he is .It hard work and why would you want to give up this time of your life where you get 2 go out have fun,parties and prom for a baby when your one yourself.I think that most of you are trying to find something to love then love yourself frist…Babies are a full time job with responsibilities and if you can give a child 24 hours of your time then you are not ready.Dont have a baby b/c you think its cute or fun to get them dressed.Have a child when you have had all your fun and freedom.I understand that sometimes mistakes happen but that’s why there are so many types of birth controls out there and condoms and if a man tell you that he does not want to use a condom then he obviously don’t care about you or what happens to you ,that should also give you an indication that you are not the only one he is having s_x with.


Mommy2Kylie - April 12

I'm 19 with a 5 month old, I consdier myself young, although you're probably talking about the 14 year olds who are saying they want babies. I didn't want a baby when I was 18, but I got pregnant, and I decided that the best thing would be to keep my baby. I'm SO happy I did, and wouldn't regret a thing. I don't think that 14 year olds should be going out and getting pregnant though. When I got pregnant I had 2 cars, my own job, and I was able to take care of my child and I without the help of anyone. I think THAT'S what people need to have happen, before they bring a child into the world.


katie - April 12

im 14 and im 31wks pregnant and it wasnt a planned pregnancy but me and my bf cant wait to hav my baby girl and look after her and i no shes not like a doll which u can chuck away at anytime u want and i no shes goin b a big responsibility but i cant wait...but ur rite young ppl sudnt just get themselves pregnant cause they want a baby because tht is selfish so to anybody hu is reading this and wants a baby at my age plz wait a while because its not fair on the child especially if it doesnt have the love of its dad aswell anyways... xxx katie


Jen - April 12

I think a lot of these girls that want to get preg either don't have a male figure in their life or they need to be loved and they think a baby will love them no matter what. I don't think at 14 you can be a good mother...I think you can try but it will be hard and it will take a lot of help an dsupport from other people.


Jen - April 12

I also think there is a big diff from 14 to 19 years old


JT1118 - December 31

i'm 14 and i'm having a baby whats so wrong with it??? my parents and my bf's parents are supporting us with our decision.


newbaby2009 - December 31

3 year old thread


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 31

JT - there is EVERYTHING wrong with it. You are FOURTEEN. What ISN'T wrong with that?



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