Why So Many Abortion Arguments

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Janita - April 28

Why would people want to be bringing children into a world full of nosey, interfering people who do nothing but dictate what people should be doing with their lives and who force their own beliefs on people. When you anti-abortion people are pregnant would you like someone forcing their opinion on you and demanding you get an abortion? You may not like the idea af abortion, but you have to face the fact it is not going to stop. I have read so many arguments on here and everyone just gets abusive (either side). Face it, you're not going to solve anything by coming to a site for teenagers, to have an argument about how you think abortion is wrong. I suggest you just face up to the fact that it really is none of your business what happens in a persons life, and you have no right to be so abusive to people.


Audrey - April 28

Janita- I agree with your position. Everyone has their opinion on this issue and should not force it on others. Even the courts are getting into the issue. In Florida a 13-year-old has been told by a court that she cannot have an abortion because she is too immature. To me, that's wrong. Forcing a young woman to carry a baby to term that she does not want is plain cruel.


????? - April 28

There are girls who do change their mind after they find out the truth about abortion. And they are the ones who encourage other girls not to do it because they have no regrets about keeping their child and choosing life. I don't see anything wrong with offering support and encouragement to young girls who are scared and confused. When we are scared and confused we don't always make the right decision so it is helpful to hear others opinions. And if we make a bad decision we will have to deal with it for the rest of our lives. This is why there are so many arguments against abortion. Because we don't want girls to do something they will regret. Once the baby is aborted they can NEVER go back. NEVER is FOREVER.


katie - April 28

i agree everyone has there own opinion and is int_tled to it...personally i do not like abortion after wat i learned about it and stuff....but if one of my friends or something had an abortion i wudnt fall out wit them and abandon them =) it the person hu is carrying the childs decision...were only here to offer advice anyways xxx katie


angel - April 28

i agree wid katie xxxx


to Janita - April 28

maybe that child wants to hear the nosy voices and people, god wouldn't give you something that you aren't able to handle. People are willing to raise your child for you ( adoption) why kill a life. You laid down and spread your legs and obviously with that there are consequences. You shouldn't kill an innocent life. What if your mother killed you because she felt it was okay. You would never have accomplished the things you have accomplished now. Abortion is legal murder and it's wrong. www.abortionismurder.org


B - April 28

I wouldn't call hollering 'murderer' at girls support and encouragement. Believe it or not there are people who dont regret having an abortion. And what is this?? Why is the biggest argument against it "what if your mom aborted you"? A lot of people mean well on this site, but there are a choice few that let the side down by becoming abusive - I definitely agree with you there Janita. Everyone knows there will always be people for and against abortion, but some people are so harsh.. and all these arguments will never be resolved. They just wind people up. Whatever happens, a girl will make up her own mind, and if she goes ahead with an abortion she doesnt deserve abuse. I'm sure there aren't many girls who view it as an 'easy way out'. Because it isn't easy.


????? - April 28

I feel sorry for all the girls who are using abortion as a form of birth control. Because they won't know what to do when the laws are changed. What if the laws are changed while they are pregnant already? TOO BAD they will just have to have the child.


jenna - April 28

thank you i think it is sad that people hurt or kill doctors at abortion clinics and they say they are murders oh please.


m - April 29

I feel sorry for people that think people get abortions without feeling. You people think a person sits there and thinks 'oh i can always get an abortion so f**k it' ? Look if it bothers you so much set up a place where people can bring their unwanted babies, and you can pay for them all and look after them all. Within a week there would be thousands. Yeah there are people looking to adopt... SO WHY ARE THERE SO MANY KIDS IN CARE HOMES????? WITH NO PARENTS???? AND PEOPLE ARENT INTERESTED BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT NEWBORN BABIES. Sort THEM out before you bring more unwanted children into the world. Oh and, just mind your own businesses.


traci - April 29

Hey M , Great post! Why is that pro lifers never think of that-- or do they conveniently leave it out? In my exprience, they tend to be the same people who b___h and moan about welfare. A real kick in the a__s are prolifers who support the death penalty. People like this rarely think for themselves and would rather have their opinion given to them.


naj - April 30

their opinion is given to them cos there stupid enough to believe in god and believe what a book tells them to


To: M - April 30

You do realize you don't have to capitalize the words for people to READ THEM.


to Tracia - April 30

It's not a point of believing in god, it's a point of right and wrong and life and death. Have you ever been preg before and heard your baby's heart beat or seen he/she on a ultrasound? have you ever been preg and felt that child move up and down and when you touch he/she elbow or knee he/she jerks away. It's a life. You can't throw that away. A baby's heart beat is detected twenty one days after conception and brain waves are also detected. They look like big headed humans. I'm not trying to force anything down anyone's throat ( I'm not even all that religious) but I've been preg and I know how it feels to watch that bump in your stomach grow, to feel movements and to hear heartbeats. It's a life growing inside of you. There are people who are willing to adopt and love your child. I mean at twenty four weeks you can kill a baby ( abortion) but also at twenty four weeks you can deliver a baby and they can survive. Research abortions, research fetal development and than come back and talk. Just because the goverment says it isn't illegal doesn't make it legal. Remember you were a zygote in your mother's belly, you implanted yourself inside her womb, you sucked your thumb in her, you cried in her, you even had hiccups in her. They are little lives. silly rabbit


also to Naj - April 30

do you know the risk of having an abortion?


To jenna - April 30

and so because a person with a white jacket and M.D behind is name, is performing this abortion procedure doesn't make it a murder. How much doctors make mistakes every day in there practice.


ellie - April 30

whouldnt u rather be qalive to listen to the world full of nosey interfering people than be dead? which would u prefer? would u rather be dead?



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