Why Wont It Happen

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jess - May 28

OK... Im 17 ( i know what your thinking very young but i dont care)anywyas me and my boyfriend have been having s_x for almost two months now and we dont use any protection because we want a kid and it seems i cant get pregnant... should i worry or could it just not happen on the right day?


aubrey - May 28

please reconsider. having a child is really tough. Are you and your boyfriend living together. Can you support a child emotionally, fiancially and all that their whole life. Please stop before you do get pregnant.


Audrey - May 30

Jess- Having a baby at 17 isn't as easy as one might think. 1) Have you finished school? 2) Do you and/or your boyfriend want to go to college or get jobs? 3) Are you willing to make all the sacrifices necessary for a baby? 4) Do you and your boyfriend want to live together and/or get married before having a baby? These are things that you have to think hard about before starting a family. Good luck!


bump - May 30



ncj - May 30

yes i know that you are very young to have i kid but so am i and i couldnt get pregnante at 1st or thats what i thought but now i am 3 months and i am happy just wait for the right moment to come me and my boyfriend had thought that i couldnt or that he couldent so we gave up and we keepd on haveing unprotected s_x and now i am pregnate girl just dont give up GOOD LUCK!


to NCJ - May 31

Thanks for that post it s a little encourageing... we have had unprotected s_x for a while... and i have gotten pregnant yet its kind of upsetting because we both really want ti and i have started to give up but thnks to you i feel better about it know... htanks NCJ


alice - May 31

They say when you quit trying is when it usually happens, but I know that's hard to do, especially when you want a baby so bad! Sometimes it can take up to a year for a woman to get pregnant. To up your chances, count 14 days from the first day of your last period, and that is when you should ovulate, if you have a perfect 28 day cycle. If you don't know for sure when you ovulate, just have s_x every other day the whole month. This won't guarantee that you get pregnant, but it will help your chances! Good luck.


back to jess - May 31

girl youre welcome but dont give up keep on trying and dont worry when the right time comes you will get pregnant k


To everyone from Jess - May 31

Man usually people would call me a s___t or any teen a s___t or whore for wanting a baby and having s_x at this age... but i understand every detail well almost i just want to tahnk you all for the encouraging and comments and not yelling at em thanks


ellie - June 1

i know wat u mean.. i hav been havin s_x with my bf for 2 years now and i havent got pregnant.. he uses the pull out method, but i thought it would have worked by now!!!! i am starting to think that somethin went wrong wen i had my misscarraige 2 yrs ago.. cos i havent got pregnant.. or maybe hes just really good at it!!


>>>> - June 1

You are a dunce


~jasmin~ - June 1

jess ive been trying for 6 months and istll not pregnant yet,2 months really isnt that long,it will happen when you least expect it(so everyone tells me!)good luck.



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