Whys He Being Like This

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xsarahx_18x - February 19

i just need to let all my anger out.. so figured this was the best place to do it!! i went into hospital last night as i didnt feel my baby move for 24hrs n on our way to the hospital my partner didnt once ask if i was ok or anything n then i had to go back to the hospital today n he just looks like its always boring him, he doesnt make a fuss of me n he expects me to do everything. when we got back today from the hospital we started arguing about something then he just gets his mum to pick him up. i keep telling him that we can talk n sort it out but he always just leaves me in tears. he said before he went that its all getting to much for him n he was crying too. ive got an appointment with my midwife tomorrow n he always comes with me n he probably wont tomorrow. i dont know wether he is just feeling down or what but he wouldnt tell me what was wrong, so im sat at home now wondering whats going on as he wont talk to me, i need him n if he leaves me now after every little arguement whats he going to be like when we've got a baby!! im really worried as i love him soo much n i dont like seeing him upset, it could be that he's starting to get worried about the birth etc n doesnt know how to cope!! im 29wks btw.


xoxticiaxox - February 19

Hey sarah, It sounds to me like someone might be getting scared for the arrival of the new baby. He might just need some space, and as much as you need support...he might need the same thing. It could be the total opposite...I dont know but most guys dont stick around for 29 weeks, then just leave. Bye sounds of it he is young...scared...and needs just as much support as you, even though you are the pregnant one...hope everything works out for you.


Noodle - February 20

my fell was awful throughout my pregnancy, nevr wanted to know alot about it, and didnt act like he cared at all. i had the same problem with the baby not moveing. his problem turned out to be that he was so frightened of becoming attached to the baby and something going wrong that he distanced himself. once baby was born, he was so excited and happy. he took pride in changing her nappy and dressing her, etc. i think its because men are told about thee things but they dont really understand whats going on and it feels like they have no control over what happens. and even though we have no control either, they dont see it like that as were the ones carrying the babies!


hailey07 - February 20

Just try and remember that some guys don't get into the pregnancy details like women do. Also you are going through a lot of changes now that he is probably having a hard time understanding. Some guys choose not to react because the situation is so overwhelming, they just want to shut off. I think the best thing to do is to sit down with him and discuss both of your feelings about this pregnancy. If you don't communicate problems will arise... and try to understand and accept anything that he says and he should do the same for you.



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