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pfcwife - October 31

hey guys well i went t the doctor a few weeks ago and i learned i only gained 7 lbs but i went to the doctor yesturday and they wieght me and i am still the wieght i was when i was coming into the second trimester.. i mean im glad in total its 7 lbs and im not complaining one bit but is that wierd for me to be stuck at 7 lbs only for this long? and how much in total did yall guys gain .. ty


pfcwife - October 31

sorry that suppose t be i went to the doctor


pfcwife - October 31

sorry that suppose to be i went to the doctor


AddysMummy - November 1

Well if your doctor doesn't find anything wrong with it then I wouldn't worry hun.


V9653 - November 1

If I remember correctly, you are like 20 something weeks? Well like Addy said, if the doc worried about it, then he would have said something or sat you down to talk about your diet. If you are eatiing adequately then you are fine. The thing we have to remember is that every woman gains their weight at different paces. I gained most of my excess weight in the beginning of the second trimester, and just kind of slowed for a while, then gained so much near the end because I was retaining water. The thing is, your baby is sooo small, and will only weight 7 or 8 pounds. Another like 15 pounds (if that) is the amniotic material, etc etc. Alot of the other weight is the padding a woman puts on in pregnancy-the bigger b___bs, sometimes more fat in the abdomen, etc etc. So maybe your body is only gaining the baby, the amniotic material, and the b___bs for now. Maybe you won't gain that much weight through your pregnancy because your body won't add any extra fat. You never know. Just make sure your eating right, feeling right, and if your doctor becomes concerned, then follow that.


angelmonkey - November 1

i gained most of my weight in the 1st tri! then a little in to the 2nd tri but now i have gained hardly anything but my midwife says its normal some even loose weight at the begening from morning sickness ect im sure its fine your doc would of said something


durante baby - November 1

I barley gained anything til 3rd tri because of my morning sickness. Is your ms bad? I was wrapped around the porclin god 10 hours a day, but come third tri i started racking on the lbs til my ms came back, then i started loosing som weight



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