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Capelle - January 4

i'm 16 years old and Im 3 mons.preggers. When I told the babies daddy he went ballistic. He didn't talk to me for a few days and then when he did he said he didn't feel like he was old enuf 4 a kid because he just turned 20. Well I started cryiong and he just got up and left, when he came back he had his mothers engagement ring with him . He said he told his mom and she said that she wouldn't let him get out of his responsibulity. I just don't think i ready for all of this so fast.He's the only person I've ever been with and i don't want to lose him but I don't know if I want to marry him either


ANon - January 4

TRUST ME from experience, Dont marry just because you are pregnant. I got married when I was 17 because I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage shortly after and about 3 months after that the relationship fell. No offense but people that age arent ready to be married. ( I wasnt for sure ) Oh and it doesnt really sounds like he wants to marry you rather that he HAS to marry you. That is just something you two are going to have to sit and talk about for a while. While, you 2 might love each other now, marriage may not be the thing for ya.


Kimberly - January 5

Geez!! Don't marry him, you have your whole life ahead of you to find the right guy and even if it's him then he'll wait till your ready, he can still be a dad without being a husband aswell, that's just added stress on you.


Capelle - January 5

Well my dad went a told my half sister who's 13 that I'm pregnant and she started crying and he was like shell be fine she said that that was not why she was crying she then told him she too is pregnant. i don't think it's true but i don't have much to do with my dads other kids so I guess well find out for sure soon


Karrie - January 5

I would definetly not marry the baby's father just because your having his baby. You have a LONG time to get married. Though being a single mom will be hard, you will manage! Your half sister could be just lieing about her pregnancy, but like you said, you will find out the truth soon. I wish you the best of luck!


Sarah - January 5

Look, you have to realise that when pregnant, your hormines and emotions are off the scale!! So its okay to feel confused and a little lost. The main thing is to get yourself sorted out first, get some medical treatment, and sit down with someone and a__sess your options. With marriage comes a lot of responsibility, and just doing it to fix up an accidental pregnancy is not the way to go. Take a deep breath, and have a good think before you decide to do anything, plus if this guy is the one for you, he will wait... and in 3 years time he still will be there supporting you and your child... IF he is the one


Erika - January 6

he don't wanna marry you.


Capelle - January 7

dear erika yes he does but he just doesn't want to rite now me neither


bbif - January 7

face it hes a loser if he just ups and leaves when you tell him your pregnant and only comes back when his mother tells him to. Sounds a bit of a wimp to me for 20


crazydaisy - January 7

Just because you are pregnant is no reason to believe that you must be tied down to your baby's daddy. If it important for him to be in your life and your baby's, but not as a husband yet, you have the choice to pursue that option. Don't feel obligated to get married just because you are pregnant, you don't want to be 18, unhappy and married, and unsure of what to do with the rest of your life. Wait until your baby gets here and then see what happens. Good Luck.



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