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iimsooflyx0 - April 12

Im 17 ill be 18 on the 27th and im 20 weeks pregnant.. I was dating the father for just a few weeks but I really loved him and I found out I was pregnant after we broke up.. and theres nothing i can do about that because Im against abortion and i could neverrr give my baby up after I saw it. Well the father was being okay with everything when I first told him he asked to move in with me and everything .. but now hes denying everything! I send him my sonograms and he says THATS NOT MY KID.. and he tells other people its not his or that i told him it was someone elses... it really hurts! I know its gonna come out eventually with a dna test.. but i can never be with him after hes done this to me... but will anyone ever love me since ill have a child thats not theirs?? Im so young , is there anyone out there who isnt with their babys father but someone else?? Thankx


EricaG - April 12

hey, when I read your question this song popped into my head, here's a website with the lyrics. But first I want to say that you'll be fine and you will find someone that loves you and your baby more than life itself. Single mothers get married all the time and live happily ever after, I know several of them. I'm just glad to hear you say that you could never be with him after he did this to you, he doesn't deserve you. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/terriclark/shedidnthavetime.html leave out any dashes that may appear in the address (this website has a way of adding them. leave in the slashes though!


EricaLynn - April 12

Of course some one will love you! Alot of people already do! I totally agree that its good you stood up for yourself and decided to not be with that guy anymore. I am sure that you will find some one and they will fall madly in love with you and your baby. Alot of single teen mommies end up with some great guy who is a much better and more supportive man than the one that left them while pregnant. There is hope dont give up!


Mommy - April 12

I am not in your situation, but my sister has a son from a previous marriage and she has a serious boyfriend who accepts her son like his own. My oldest brother is also seeing a girl with an 18 month old daughter and he treats her like one of his kids (he has two from an ex) and she treats his kids good, too. Many men are willing to accept a child that isn't theirs if they really want to be with you. I have 2 kids myself and an ex who is so in love with me, that he said he would pay for their stuff and care for them like they were his, and I'm married...Men who genuinely want to be with you will be okay about you having a child. Those who aren't don't deserve to be around you or your baby anyway.


angel - April 13

hey hun of course someone will! my boyfriend has 2 boys from a previous mariage and i love them to death i would do anything for them and i know a lot of guys whos gf have kids..... so yes hun it will happen good luck with the baby and just wait the right one will come along and love both of you to pieces :) and i def agree dont go back to that jerk after you get a dna test..... i was preggy at 19 (sadly i miscarried :'( and the father denied everything it was horrible!!! so i know how much it hurts.... just be stron right now for you and baby and things will work out :)


midnight_drift - April 13

Of course you will be loved! Being pregnant doesn't make you any less loveable! There will be a guy out there who will love you and your baby. My ex-boyfriend(not the father) said that if my boyfriend now broke up with me, he would be a father figure to my son/daughter. You just have to know the right people! I'd say don't worry about it, worry about your baby. And when the DNA test comes back, rub it in his face! After it says he is the father, then I bet things will be a lot better. Especially if you know there is NO way he couldn't be the father! ^_^; Good luck!


EmsMummy - April 13

YES! I got pregnant from one night with someone I had wanted to be with for a long time, and he turned out to be a total arsehole, just told me to leave afterwards! He never responded when I told him I was pregnant. Then he denied the baby was his, and I sent him ultrasound pics too (he just sent them back) Anyway when I was 2 months pregnant I was introduced to a man and we became good friends and he was a big support throughout my pregnancy and was even there at the birth. He loved my little girl from day 1. I fell in love with him but didnt dare say anything! When my daughter was 15 months I finally told him how I felt.. and he felt exactly the same and had done since we met! We've been properly together now for over a year, are engaged and expecting our baby in August. He loves and treats my daughter as his own and will adopt her when we are married. He is a great man, and I am sure you will find someone like him too! Good luck x



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