Will Bc Affect A Baby

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ktitus - April 16

I"ve heard bc won't hurt a baby if ur pregnant. I'm on it right now and I don't know if I am or not but i just wanted to make sure cause i don't want to stop if I'm not pregnant


amanda17 - April 16

Actually I think it does, I would put your birth control on hold and take a pregnancy test.


bubbles_99 - April 16

BC can infact be fatal to a fetus. it is a proven fact... if you think you are pregnant you should take a pregnancy test before you continue with BC.. hope i helped...xoxoxo savina


ChattyKathy - April 16

To answer your question, bubbles is right. You are NOT supposed to take birth control while pregnant. What makes you think you are pregnant? Any Symptoms? When did you have s_x? When do you expect your next period? You need to know the likelihood of pregnancy before making the decision whether or not to stop it.


kt_tus - April 16

to answer ChattyKathy I really don't know for sure. Last week on the 6 I had s_x with my bf and we had not used a condom and i had missed my pills for 2 days and hadn't been very good with keeping track before that. I'm on my period now and its on time but i've been having really bad cramps and I never get cramps. I've also heard of implantation bleeding which happens 8-10 days which is now.


krissy2006 - April 17

implantation bleeding happens 7-10 days after ovulation. Not 7-10 days after s_x. I think you should take a pregnancy test within the next couple of days or go have your blood drawn for a quant_tative beta because as all the other girls stated birth control can be detrimental to a developing embryo/fetus.


socurbaby7 - April 18

I just thought i would let you know... i was takin bc for a month after i was pregnant... (i had no idea i was and as soon as i found out i stopped) ... but yea... it didnt harm my lo she's almost 4 months now and a perfectly happy healthy bbaby... not saying thats a scientific fact ttho


Deserae90 - April 20

I don't think you're pregnant if you're on your period, but you should test anyways. good luck!


Teddyfinch - April 20

actually, i had a period right on time when i was pregnant. so that's possible. but to answer kt_tus, if you think about it, the morning after pill is pretty much a super dosage of birth control so yeah it's pretty bad for a baby.


Deserae90 - April 20

really? On the eHealth forum they always talk about how rare it is...I was on depo when I found out I was pregnancy, so I wasn't having periods anyways. They told me the risks [for the depo shot] were low birth weight, premature birth and if it's a boy a few women reported problems with deformed urethra.


Stoner - May 25

im 4 months in to my prengnacy just found out if i take bith control will it stop it i hope so because i dont want to be pregant


amanda17 - May 25

Taking birth control wouldn't terminate your pregnancy... You have to get an abortion for that...


AddysMummy - May 25

Stoner - Close your legs.


Rachel H - May 27

OMG, Stoner you need to be punched in the head! Seriously, if you don't want to be pregnant you need to go see about getting an abortion... like soon! Before it's too late. Damn, I think it's torture if you start taking BC pills knowing you're pregnant.


Stoner - May 27

im srry i just found out and i dont have money for the abortion they kicked me out and i dont want to have it any other way?


Teddyfinch - May 27

shouldn't have been having s_x then should you? maybe this will help you learn to get on the pill before you have s_x and not after you're pregnant. and do this kid a favor. put it up for adoption.


amanda17 - May 27

Stoner can you at least afford prenatal vitamins? At least try to give the poor thing a chance... Pray that vitamins will make up for whatever damage you may have already caused. You really don't seem to have a choice in the matter but to give it up for adoption, and sadly no one is going to want to adopt it if there is something wrong with it... It's really past the point where it's about what you want. You have to think about the person inside you now.



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