Will I Get Pregnant If I Had Sex 5 6 Days B4 Fertile Days

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myca21 - November 18

im realy getting paranoid.. Im 21. pls do tel me if i can possibly get pregnant if i had my last period on nov 3,2011, we had s_x on nov 11.. im in a 30 days cycle.. Based on ovulation calculator, my fertile day wud start on nov.16, .. Nov 19 will be ovulation day.. can i be pregnant? Pls do answer me. Thanks in advance...


Grandpa Viv - November 18

You should be OK. Your calculator seems to be giving you the days best for intercourse if you WANT to get pregnant. If you want to avoid pregnancy you should add a couple of days before ovulation and one day after - thus Nov 14 ..Nov 20. Ovulation can be a couple of days earlier or later than calculated, sperm can last as much as five days inside you. Bottom line, on a 30 day caycle, Nov 11 should have been at least a couple of days outside the fertile window.


myca21 - November 18

Thanks for that but im a bit confused... He pulled it out before ejaculating.. but then they say pre c_m can get me pregnant... (well i dont really want to get pregnant, and its my first time honestly...) I want to understand if those small amount of sperm can stay inside and can they possibly meet until the ovulation? in short? will i get pregnant with my case and with those calculated stuffs?? am i pregnant??? whew....


Grandpa Viv - November 19

You should be OK. There are no guarantees in life, but pregnancy is very unlikely from this incident. Pure pre-c_m contains no sperm - it comes from a different gland. If foreplay has gone on for a long time and your guy has almost c_m and then backed off, some sperm may be present. You are old enough to get proper protection for a s_xually active life. See if Planned Parenthood has a clinic near you - dial 1-800-230-PLAN - they will give you a check-up, advice, and supplies at a very reasonable price. GL!



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