Will I Go To Hell If I Get An Abortion

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ME - May 25

Will I go to Hell If i get an Abortion?


Audrey - May 25

"ME"- I am not a religious person so I will give you an impartial answer. We have many hardships that test us and show us how to learn from the mistakes we make. You must have the strength to find which path is best for you, whether it is to abort, keep, or give away for adoption, and accept the consequences that come with it. There will be people that will say abortion is murder, but you must do what YOU think is right. Are you ready to have a child and can you take care of it? This must be answered before you can move on. Best of luck!


... - May 25

I asked my preacher and he told me you wouldn't go to hell if you had one. :o)


???? - May 25

The bible says thou shalt not kill so why take the chance when you have other options.


ANGEL - May 26



Jill - May 26

Honey, it doesn't matter what you do, once you're saved, all of your previous sins are forgiven. However, I do not, under any circ_mstances recommend an abortion. Obviously, you believe in Heaven and Hell, God and Satan. God gave you this baby for a reason, let this baby live. The Bible says that God makes no mistakes.


jj - May 26

same as jill said


J - May 26

Laura and Jennifer, How can such hateful people preach to other people about what is right and wrong? Maybe you should work on yourselves before you advise others.


No!! - May 27

God is a forgiving God. He loves you and will understand. Just pray and ask for forgiveness. He loves us no manner what we did. Do what is right for you and your future. Good luck!!!!


Kelly Johnson - June 6

God forgives...having said that...wouldn't you rather bless this baby with life?


Ky - June 6

dont kill this baby.at least put it up for adoption.give it a chance to live.if not for your benefit..fro others who dont even get the chance to concieve let alone abort!


A - June 6

No. There's no such place.


Honey - June 7

Okay first of all, what a lot of rude and ignorant people on here. Second... only God can judge you and dont listen to what anyone here or anywhere else says. But I do agree with the fact that God doesnt make mistakes. He did give you this baby for a reason. I got pregnant at the young age of 15, and I now have a beautiful son. I love him with more than my heart can hold. God blessed me with him because I have had cancer and now I will not ever be able to have any more children. Just always remember this. I hope that helps in your final decision.


Joy - June 7

Yeah, let us all commit sins and then we'll just ask for forgiveness and go to heaven!!! (Sarcasm)


oh my - June 7



Charles Darwin - June 7

There is no Hell, Religion is for complete morons. Religion has been used to control the ma__ses. The fear of hell is one example. Church leaders create this phony doctrine to keep people in church and keep the money rolling in. The Bible is completely phoney and contridicts itself many times. Jesus Christ wasn't the only man to be son of God, and there is no proof that he is. Christianity, which is an evolution of Judism, stole many of its core components from other religions of the time like zoroastriunism. What I am saying, is dont base your decisions on some stupid a__s 2000 year old phoney book. Make an informed decision.


jd - June 7

no, because it doesn't exist.



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