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Jen - September 29

I had s_x 3-4 times on sept. 1st. One of those times was without protection and he came inside of me. On the 10th of september I slept with him again maybe 3 times at most, and I recall it was protected. He asked me when I got my period last when we decided not to wear protection, and I told him about last week because I got my period around the 18th or the 20th of august. my periods last between 3 and 4 days. from my calculations, I probably should have gotten it last week since it is now the 29th. i know my periods arent always on the same date as they were the previous month, sometimes a week before or after so I really have a chance that I can get it this week or early next. But i am worried because I dont know what my chances of being pregnant are, especially since i havent gotten it yet. Last week and earlier this week on Monday, I had cramps, which i usually always get before i get my period. but they went away yesterday (tuesday august 28th) and i havent gotten my period or cramps anymore. My br___t have been hurting for about one week now, where i feel terribly sore more on one br___t than the other and i notice my nipples stay hard most of the day where as before they would only when i got cold. i noticed this before i realized any of the other, so maybe its just a casual thing and it has nothing to do but what do yall think? i had been eating a lot 2 weeks ago (*just pigging out cos ive been around a lot of food, this is pretty okay too though) but about a few days ago i just lost my appet_te and ate minimal 2 or 3 meals at most per my day without snacking or munching. last night i thought about snacking on something, cos i wanted to, but my stomach wasnt feeling it. today i woke up, had 2 toast, then my mom made me an egg. that was maybe at 11. its not 5 pm and about an hour ago i laid down to relax. when i got up my stomach felt like it was turned and i felt grossed out and gagged maybe once but i hate puking so i try to do whatever i can to not have that need. but the feeling is still in my stomach. now, id just like to hear some of your thoughts. i am 19, pretty stable and smart and i know i should have used protection, and i should go get tested to find out a real answer, but the truth is im a bit scared and confused because i talked to the guy that i thought was really awesome, and he said this is a big mistake for me if i am and i should get rid of it.. but thats against my beliefs.. but anyway, i just want some thoughts from you, and hopefully some suppport. much love


Shorty - September 29

Your body.. dont you DARE let anyone else choose your life for you!!!! Id go get a test done and then figure out what you want to do and if you want this guy in your life. You are 19 you sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, no matter the outcome you will be fine just dont let anyone push you around.


Viv - September 29

Hi Jen! It sounds as though you might be preggers, but I would wait another week before doing a home test - they give false negative so easily. Do you have a good relationship with your mom? It's not like you're 14 or anything. I bet that living close with her she knows your body as well as she knows her own. She'll figure somethings amiss in no time. You might as well take her into your confidence soonest, and work through this one together, adult to adult.


Jen - September 30

Thank both of you for your support. I would never dare let him or anybody choose over my life. I let him know this and he was angry, yet I still see him as a good person because I know he is i just dont know how to accomodate his irrational and sad choice to tell me to get rid of it if i am. and, i feel pretty lonesome becos i wish he were going through it with me too.. but yes, i have a strong relationship with my mother, ill be 20 soon, im just scared because they dont expect this of me at all. i came to my mom when i had s_x first time and she was disappointed but loved me nonetheless, and just asked me to think about myseld n my values for the future.. now itll be hard to tell her this orry because im scared to let her down again. like my mom, my sister and brother will be behind me 100 percent but i know they will be let down as well.. my whole family is very united (my immediate as well as my larger) so if i am, and my family finds out itll be hard for me to give it out to my family who will judge me possibly disown me, and i wouldnt know how to deal with it but yall are right i would never let anybody choose for me again. i say again cos ive been the type of girl to do what others would like to make them happy. i knoow that deep down i could hope that i am not so that i dont let them down and so i can continue with my plans and learn from this for the future, but also i could deal eith it if God gave me this, except, really believe im not ready now.. but i would be ready with time if it comes to it and i would be here with open arms.. for now my dilemna is, whether i am or not, and i m not sure if its too soont o go get a test. from my dates that i wrote, would yall be able to advice me? please help.


Ashleigh - September 30

Hey... girl you should go get a test done ... your preg... i hope every thing turns out all right dont let no slim bag tell u to what to do with the child you might be baring ...but good luck the best wishes



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