Withdrawl Method Mistake

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Shannon - November 7

According to my ovuation calendar, I was most fertile Oct. 4, 5, 6. My boyfriend and I had s_x all days using the withdrawl method.... on the 3rd day, it wasn't very sucessful. He still pulled out, but not in time for some of it. I am not on the pill as it is against my religion. We have been together for 3 years using withdrawl and no pregnancy. This is one of the few incidents. Do you think that I am 'probably' pregnant? Really all I am looking for is a no, yes, maybe or probably. And an explanation!


um - November 7

I take it your religion doesn't believe in unplanned pregnancies either? If you were ovulating, you have about a 20% chance of being pregnant. You just have to wait and see. Good luck.


? - November 7

Shannon...would it be very rude to ask you what religion you are? It seems logical that any religion which is against contraception would also be against s_x before marriage; maybe you could balance the demands of your religion and decide whether you would prefer to have a s_x or a baby? The withdrawl method really isn't hugely effective - I managed to get pregnant whilst using this method and charting my cycles to avoid my ovulation dates...it's not the best way to go. Theres a chance you could be pregnant, but I don't think anyone will be able to accurately tell you what that chance is. All you can do is wait for your period, and take a test. I hope everything works out for you xxx


so... - November 7

is your religion against condoms too?


Grandpa Viv - November 7

I guess you missed your October period, or you would not be asking. Do you have any other signs of pregnancy such as tiredness, more peeing, upset gut, appet_te changes, smell changes or any of the other indicators? If you have any of these signs, probably yes, if none, probably not, but take a test anyway. Natural family planning such as your religion advocates will result in a pregnancy about every 5 years if done properly. It involves NO s_x during your fertile window, a rule you are ignoring. Good luck!


Shannon - November 7

No Grandpa Viv, I didn't miss my October period... it was the 23rd... I am sorry, I meant to put November 4, 5, and 6. Woops! If all I am going to get is maybe, then I guess I will wait for my period. If you have any more advice/comment, please tell. I would not be significantly damaged if I was pregnant, financially. I am 20 and in college so this is not a good time for baby. 20 is close enough to a teen. And as for the fertile days, I know it's common sense not to have s_x on those days... well... I only get to see my boyfriend on the weekend... and one thing leads to another. Please help!


Shannon - November 7

Oh yeah... Grandpa Viv, is there any ways of checking your cm for pregnancy? And where would I stand if i am, if so?


me - November 8

"if all I'm going to get is a maybe" What do you expect people to say? How can anyone (especially people on the internet) tell if you are pregnant or not if you don't even know yourself?? There's nothing you can do apart from wait and take a test. Whats done is done. What religion forbids you to use contraception but lets you have s_x before marriage? Weird.



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