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niki - November 1

if i had s_x this friday saturday and sunday and i started ovulating yesterday can i get pregnant?? well on saturday i gave him oral s_x and he spermed, he went to go wash it with soap and water and then we had s_x, could there have still been sperm??


CAROL - November 1

Yes. You can be pregnant. Semen can survive up to five days in your reproductive tract.


;; - November 1



niki - November 1

for how many days is ovulation??


T - November 1

Nikki - Yes you can be pregnant. Ovulation usually lasts 3 days.


AHHHHHHHHHH - November 1

AHHHHHH shoot me another moron.


niki - November 2

kayse what do you mean a normal period? i know that i started to ovulate on monday cause i went to ovulation calculator but some say sunday and others monday


Kayse - November 2

A normal period i mean as in like its heavy as usual or its as long as usual but if its light and drops then id take a test


niki - November 2

do you think that theres a high chance that i did get pregnant?


CAROL - November 2

A good chance that you could have conceived. Go take a test, Niki. We aren't in your reproductive tract, only a test can tell.


Grandpa Viv - November 2

Some sperm can remain in the urethra after washing and come out later. He could also have c_m again - I know a woman who got pregnant after using condoms for the first 4 encounters in one night, and dispensing with one the fifth. The chance of pregnancy from a single unprotected encounter in the days close to ovulation is about one in three. To avoid pregnancy use condoms every time with v____al spermicide as backup, and stay away from your fertile window days 8-16 of a 28 day cycle. Good luck!


stacy - November 2

hi u could be... there are only about 4 days a month when you can get pregant... usually around day 12-16... but it can be different for different girls. sperm i think can only survive 72 hours so u have a 50/50 chance.... take a test when u r supposed to get af if not always use condoms or bc then u dont have to worry good luck



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