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curious711 - February 20

I'm not a girl but i'm wondering... if a girl has her period from the 3rd-9th then has s_x the 11th... would this be a highly fertile time? my gf and did this but are unsure of when exactly she is most fertile... she said she's based off of about 28 days... any help would be appreciated thank you


Rhiannon - February 20

Use protection. That isn't a highly fertile time, but since she is young her 28 day cycle can go haywire at anytime.


curious711 - February 20

alright thank you... she just had about 5 months of pretty much nothing because she screwed up taking her pills... they took ehr off of them and had to wait until everything returned back to normal so this was her "first" period since then


ChattyKathy - February 20

If she has difficulty taking her pills on time it would be a good idea to invest in some back up protection or something other than a daily pill. Many women find themselves pregnant by not being responsible with their pills, and some women find themselves pregnant even following the exact instructions.


Grandpa Viv - February 20

If her cycle is 28 days like clockwork, ovulation is most likely day 14. Sperm can last up to 5 days inside, hoping to get lucky, but the egg is not good for much more than 24 hours. Ovulation can come several days earlier than expected. Stress and sickness can delay it by many days, so the above picture is not definitive. She can learn to recognize signs of ovulation by fertile mucus in the preceding days, as well as from ovulation cramps. Play it safe - use a condom every time. Good luck!


curious711 - February 21

day 14? when do you start counting days? she didn't have difficulty taking pills but they ended up screwing it up somehow... i dont knwo the exact details but on one of the days she wasnt able to take one or soemthing...


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 21

you start counting from the day her period starts if she has a 28 day cycle and her period started on the 3rd she would ovulate around the 15, ovulation usually occures 14 days before your next period!



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