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Chelsea - June 29

Me and my boyfriend had intercourse, protected, after 2 months from our last intercourse, so it hurted a bit. He didn't c_m in me. After about 4 days I started to bleed, it was kind of a lot and I had it for about 4 days, but what worried me is that it occured not during a time I should be getting my period. I was just wondering if I bleeded because my va___a streched out again after a while or it is a symptom called "spotting". Its been about 4 weeks and I havn't been getting any other symptoms like the usually morning sickness, tender br___t or anything like that. I just want to know why I bled during that time..Am i pregnant or not?


Shelly - June 29

You shouldtalk to a doctor about this.


chels - June 29

could i be pregnant though?


Viv - November 4

Sounds as though you only recently became s_xually active. That could have upset your cycle. Could the hurting have been from the hymen's last gasp? It doesn't sound as though you are pregnant. You are due for another period soon - let's hope it comes uneventfully. It would really be a good idea to tell your mom that you are becoming s_xually active, and need to have an initial gynecological exam and birth control consult. If she is a smart woman and you are in high school already, she will be happy to agree.


KM - November 4

I would say not likely because you had protected s_x (way to go!) and lowered your chances significantly.but there is always a possibility. If you have only had s_x a couple of times, like Viv mentioned it could have been your hymen breaking, cause sometimes it doesn't break the first time. Mine did the 2nd time I had s_x and I had a little bit of spotting. So that coulddd be what you have experienced. but I don't think it would be enough blood to ressemble a period.and it is common for your cycles to change or upset easily when you are young, like Viv also said thats a very likely possibility.



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