Worried About Miscarriage When Went To Br

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Nicole McLeod - November 29

i have a bf of 7 months i was pregnant once and had a miscariage but that was a while ago and now i thought i was prgnant agian but with twins this time. the other day i was having abdomial cramps and went to the br when i did these two little things came out of me that appeared to be two babies that were forming with blood and all. i was only about 2 months pregnant. is this possible? did i just delivermy babies? everyone thinks i have issues because they say this is not possible and the children would only be about the size of a blood clt by now, not as big as they were. and i truely didn't mean to call the cops on my boyfriend and tell them he raped me and hits me all the time. he is now in jail and it is my fault i just don't understand why everybody wants to kicks my ass though. i tried to send the babies to him but they just weren't couperating. can anybody help me please!!??


savanah - November 29

it might have been a miscariage, but to be sure you might wont to go to the doctors to make sure. i hope u can get though this tough time with a smile on your face!


re - November 29

please go back to the doctor and tell them whats happening. I think you need help.


T - November 29

Its impossible, based on how far into your pregnancy you believe yourself to be, that you would of had two babies exert from your body. At two months you usually lose clots. Not foetus's. However, if its possible you are farther along than you believe, then it is possible that you did see two babies. Im curious but how did you know you was having twins and how did you know you was pregnant? It is possible you had a miscarriage but its hard to say hun. The abominal cramps and unusual clotting is a sign of miscarriage. The only thing you can do is put what you believe to be the babies into a jar or container, keep it sealed up and away from prying eyes and take it to your doctor. The doctor can perform tests and see if these wore babies. I'm very sorry. I understand how you must be feeling. But I would definitely see your doctor. With or without the babies. The doctor can perform a blood test which will show whether you was recently pregnant or not. But you must see your doctor within the next few days (no longer than a week) as the HCG will considerably lower until it cant be found. So see your doctor this week. Take care.



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