Worried And Possibly Pregnant

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kelly - September 10

My brother had a party a few weeks ago at our house while my parents where on a weeked vacation. He is 19 and most of his friends are the same age, supposed to be responsible. I didn't want to sit in their company so went to bed with a glass of juice but when i woke in the morning i felt real groggy and my underwear was missing plus i was sore down below, I definitely think someone had s_x with me though i don't remember. But now my period is two weeks late and i have been feeling ill, i cant bare to do a test and find out, how will i tell my parents and i wont know who the father is if i am pregnant, i need help.


kelly - September 6

I am going to buy a pregnancy test today I still have not had a period and my b___sts are really tender. One of the boys who hangs around with my brother said something strange to me and i got the feeling he knew something but how can i accuse him with no proof my brother would beat him first and ask questions later, anyway if anyone is interested i will post the results later.


Jaz - September 6

Don't worry about accusing with no proof because you have to find out whats happened to you, it's not fair on you. If it is what you expect happened you have been raped and you need to find out who did it. Good luck with the test, hope its not bad news.


The real deal - September 6

Kelly, I would be interested in knowing if someone gave you your gla__s of juice or you got it yourself. If you got it yourself, could anyone put something in it and you not know it at the time? If so, I'd be really concerned! If you are a minor and someone did have s_x with you, you may want to consider legal action. I definate would consider legal action if I found myself pregnant and not even remember having s_x. You may very have been a victum in this case. Good luck. Let us know.......


kelly - September 6

Hi, thanks for the advice, i got the gla__s of juice myself but someone could have very easily put something in it while i was on the phone or in the bathroom. Anyway i got a test i am just waiting until i need to pee and have the courage to do it, either way i am going to tell my brother what happened. I will keep you informed and fingers crossed everything is negative.


The real deal - September 6

Kelly, you are most welcome. Neva, neva leave an unattended drink of any kind at a party or on a date. Neva pour your drink until you are ready to drink it. If on a date, just order another one if it has been unattended. You cannot take a chance these days. I hope the best for you. Let me know how things turn out. Be safe!


Mad - September 7

Yeah whatever either your lieing that that was how u got pregnent to mae an excuse cause were stupid. and your stup ir saying "oh i just cant bare to find out" then how r u going to find out. if u dont want to bloody well. Howz about you wait nine months and see if a baby pops out. THEN YOU'LL KNOW AND YOU'LL BE STUCK WITH IT FOR GOOD. d__n it


Viv - September 7

Kelly, you are handling this very maturely. I apologize for Mad. I like your decision to go for adoption. There are many many families out there aching for a chance to adopt. The problem you have to confront is the attachment you will feel for the child after nurturing it for the duration. I like the idea of open adotion, where you get to watch the kid grow up from a distance, but most adopting parents are leery of the possible complications.


The real deal - September 7

Kelly, at least the wait of not knowing is over. You're handling this with great courage and level headedness. I think adoption is a great idea because of your age. I hope you do contact the police about this incident. If we can help during your ordeal, don't hesitate to just ask. The best to you.


Dominique Moore - September 9

Kelly First of all it is not your fault tell your parents the truth as soon as you can. ok I know it's scary, you are not to blame they should understand tell them just the way it happened ok, it will be alright.


kelly - September 10

Just to keep you informed i reported the guy to the police, my brother threatened him and he denied everything of course, the police took him in for questioning but i dont think they can do anything much until my pregnancy is far enough along so a dna sample can be taken, they took some blood samples from me but doubt the drug will still be present at this stage, will keep you informed.


Amanda - September 28

i have been on the pill for about 5 months and i come of every month to have my period and this month i did the same and i went back on the pill on the friday morning and had s_x that night could i be pregnant as i have been pretty sick since it?


Megan - September 28

Oh... Sweetie... I am so sorry you are going through this. I know how hard this must be for you. You seem like a pretty strong girl, but if you ever need to talk my E-mail is [email protected] I don't know if you have a support system or not, but sometimes it is easier to talk to a stranger about things. I hope you find the piece of sc_m that did this to you and get the justice you deserve.



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