Worried Excited Shoked But 15

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hayz - July 7

Im 15 nd so excited abwt beeing rufly 9 weeks pregnant but ive only known 4 2days i kno i need 2 tell my parents but they wil go mad nd it worrys me. But i cnt hav an abortion nd wen i refuse theyl kik me out. i know ive gta be strong nd ive gt loads of support of my bf and best m8s but i dnt want 2 discrace my family tht myt b exagerating but i cant fink of anova word. Some one plz help out im telling them soon nd its all im worrying an finking abwt


dianamarieis17 - July 7

the sooner you tell them the sooner the better i am 17 and 18week pregnant it was hard for me to tell my my mom but i did it.You and the baby need to be in the best care i will keep you ans the baby in my prayers.If you wanna talk more this is my [email protected]


MaMa 2 B - July 7

yes the sooner the better is right...i am also 15 and told my mom when i was 5 weeks along due to the fact that i knew i needed to get prenatal care....the support from your bf is gonna b a big help!! if u need to talk more just let me kno


lilmomma88 - July 7

You gotta tell your parents. You need to go to the doctors ASAP and you probably can't without a parent since your only 15. I am 17 and just had my son a week and a half ago... and my mom flipped at first, mainly sad not p__sed, but she hugged me and told me everything would be ok and she would help me out no matter what because i'm her daughter and i need her. You never know, your parents may be more help than you think. Also...try to keep the internet slang to a minimum...its a little hard to understand..


hayz - July 8

Thnxs, Sorry about the writting. I jst dnt how 2 tell them. MaMa 2 B av u got msn or summin cuz ur like rufly in the same persition as me nd stuf nd i need sum1 2 help cuz even tho my bf is a star he dnt kno these fings. Me nd him are goin 2 doctors 2day 2 find out abwt certain fings.


MaMa 2 B - July 8

yes my msn is [email protected] hotmail.com i'm on alot so just add me and we can talk! =]



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