Worried Sick 3

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oppanema - June 10

Hi! You see my bf and I were making out then he rubbed his p__s in my leg for like three times and he said he wet his boxer but he did not c_m. I'm worried that he's prec_m or wetness could go through his boxers,jeans,my pants,shorts and undies. I have bean paranoid for months now and I have been experiencing symptoms which are clearly freaking me out. I need some assurance please.Is this all in my head?why am I experiencing symptoms similar to pregnancy?


Grandpa Viv - June 10

I don't think your paranoia is well founded. When did this happen, what are your signs, why not run a pregnancy test to set your mind at ease. GL!


oppanema - June 11

It happened on march 21st. I did not think that his jeans were super wet,but i got my periods on 23rd but since sperm could live at 6days inside so i waited for my periods. I got my peruods on april and may but they were lighter than usual,but not really light like just spotting. I have been experiencing sore b___sts,decrease in appet_te, and of course stress and paranoia. My montogomery glands started showing up which freaked me out.bec thats a preg symptom,but some says its normal. I don't feel sick at all and I don't vomit. I'm just really paranoid and I can't buy a test cause i'm a minor and my parents would kill me


Grandpa Viv - June 11

S_x a couple of days before your period is expected is very unlikely to start pregnancy - the egg comes 14 days before and is only good for one day. Were you messing around about March 7th? You sure don't have enough early signs to make me think you are pregnant. Your mom is neglecting her duties if she is not discussing human s_xuality with you. See if you can start a discussion - make like kids in school are coming up with crazy notions and you want to straighten them out.


oppanema - June 11

Is there any chance of pregnancy?we were just making out with clothes on and our genitals came close due to hugging That's all


Grandpa Viv - June 12

Sperm do not pa__s through multiple layers of clothing. Please stop worrying.



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