Worrying Probley Over Nothing

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just_a_worrier - May 4

Okay, so just like my username and question state, I'm a big worrier, and most of the time for no reason. I'm 18 years old and on birth control pills (tri-nessa). I know I shouldn't, (but I believe I'm correct in saying the last week of pills are just sugar pills you take so you dont forget your cycle of taking them), and I sometimes skip or miss those pills. Well anyways on to what I'm worried about. I just started my period yesterday, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x yesterday too. Now i know theres always a chance I'm not stupid or naive, but there's a very high possibility that I wouldn't get pregnant under these circ_mstances, right? Right now I should be on my last week of pills and I start my new cycle on Sunday. Am I just worrying over nothing again? And it's not that my boyfriend and I would think of it as a mistake or not want and love our baby, but its my family I'm worried about if I did get pregnant before I was married. And I know alot of older women will read that last sentence and say that proves I'm too young, I know I'm young and not ready, I know the possibilities of my actions but its still scary to think about how your family would react and say and treat you. I would never regret having a baby or getting pregnant under any circ_mstance because a baby is a precious gift and I would love and take care of it and do whatever is necessary, but it would be stupid to not be scared or worried. -sorry this is so long, and thanks for any advice or opinions-


mizaditude - May 4

as far as i know, the last week are just reminder pills. I never took those and i didn't get pregnant. Your chance of being pregnant is very very slim. I don't really think you have anything to worry about. So relax before you get yourself all worked up and you miss your next period because of stress (not pregnancy), then you'll really be p__sin your pants,lol.


Aussie Beck - May 4

Hi there! You are right in that they are sugar pills, they are included in the pack so that you will get your period when you start taking them. The idea of skipping those pills is if you don't want to get your period. You can skip them, but you need to continue taking the other pills instead so it doesn't throw your body 'out of whack'! It's very rare to get pregnant when you have your period, but you really shouldn't skip them it can mean that the pill won't work effectively when you start the other pills again. My advice would be to use condoms as well for the next month just in case the pill doesn't work. Some women's bodies are very fertile and if the pill is stopped or not taken correctly they can fall pregnant very easily, also it can be a bit dangerous to fall pregnant with the pill in your system - the ingredients aren't good for the baby! Sorry if I'm scaring you more, I'm just trying to give you the facts. Do you still have the leaflet that comes in the pill box? All the info you need is on there! Good luck!!!!


Aussie Beck - May 4

P.S: When I said you shouldn't skip the sugar pills, I meant to say you shouldn't skip them and take nothing - take the other pills on the corresponding day instead. In other words, just pretend that the sugar pills aren't even there. But if you don't mind getting your period, it is advisable to take the sugar pills. If you happen to forget a sugar pill on one of the days - don't worry, just take the next sugar pill the next day!!!



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