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Jessica001 - October 18

I am 16 years old, I recently got a boyfriend that I have been having s_x with. He took my virginity, and we have had s_x 3 times, the first time about 2 weeks ago and most recently yesterday. We are going to start using condoms, but we haven't the past 3 times. He has supposedly never ejaculated in me, and I've seen him pull out each time, with a couple seconds to spare before anything even comes out. My period was supposed to have come today, and usually it skips around from like 26, 28, 27, 29 days. But I am really not horribly irregular. I don't really feel any different, my habits haven't changed, I am just freaking out that my period hasn't come right on the dot (28 days). Am I worrying too much? Should I just give it time?


tish212 - October 18

give it a few more days but if still no af then take a test...ad just because he pulled out means nothing prec_m is FULL of sperm...


Kitalj07 - October 19

Yeah, I would wait a few days, and if still no cycle, take a test, has it ever been this late before? I saw my boyfriend pull out plenty times, and I'm 9 months pregnant. He also told me that he pulled out on time, boyz never really know!!


Grandpa Viv - October 22

If by now you have no early pregnancy signs at all, then there is a good chance you are not pregnant this cycle. Sometimes first s_x will put your hormones in a tizzy and upset your cycle. If you keep using pull-out, you will be pregnant inside a year. Please get some condoms and v____al foam and use both every time. Stay away from the days you are most fertile which in your case would be cycle days 6 through 17. Good luck!


baileygirl - October 22

you guys need to start buying condoms and using them now if you dont want to get prego because if u dont do it now u never will and u will get prego for sure it doesnt matter if he pulls out there is a thing called pre-c_m and you can get pregant with out him going in u srry if i sound mad i just dont want u to end up like me 16 and prego and living with her mom


AylaRose - October 25

I am 16 years old and pregnant with twins also an army girlfriend... i dont want you to end up like me... im not regreting anything but i am just saying. Please from now on use protection no matter who uses it. You should also give it time to wait and see if it does come if it doesnt then take a test. best of luck!!


R__ - November 17

well in my opinion since you are not experiencing anything out of the way you are most likely clear of pregnancy. the pull out method is not entirely safe as there is pre c_m which does contain sperm that can get you pregnant. if you happen to be a few days late out of your 26-29 cycle day gap then i would take a test.


Kairi_x - November 18

Try not to worry so much as it will delay your period even further if you're getting all uptight and panicky about it. My best advice is wait a week and if it's still not arrived, take a test :) Good luck hun!



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