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Big Bitch - February 23

People are pretty God damn petty on this site. I wouldn't want to get advice from any of you.


Audrey - February 23

Those that stir up trouble only make those of us who actually try to help look bad. I try to keep my advice impartial, neither condemning nor endorsing the behaviour of the people involved.


agree - February 23

is probably a post from mommykylie who got her b___t kicked


becca - February 24

i dont understand why people who are not pregnant or dont have a baby and arnt a teen even come on this site its just pointless


Kay - February 24

i agree with you there , it is probably her


? - February 24

Its free to everyone Becca. Do you think adults were never teenagers?


becca - February 24

thats true i never thought of it like that but i dont like the people who just come on to put us down and make us feel bad and i also meen like 11 year olds like really lil girls thinking they can offer advise but i did never think of it like that thanx:)


maya - February 24

to becca: you get on my nerves. i''m probably smarter than you in advice so you need to get a life and stop getting smart with people. no wonder nobody on this website likes you


to: maya from Chris - February 24

Look, alot of people DO like Becca, and you can't even imagine the stress that she is going through right now, or what her body feels like, or the fears of what's ahead. Please don't add to that stress by picking a fight. Just show some grace, and no offense meant. I think it's great that you take such an interest in others, you just need to understand that pregnancy is very stressful....... no one should add to that. Take care


maya - February 24

becca is starting with talking about me she pregnant and all but she aint gotta be coming at me like she do and i might be 11 and all but i am a d__n smart 11


chris to maya - February 24

I know, but even being smart can't completely help you understand what pregnancy is like....... honestly you have to be pregnant to totally understand it, and that was what Becca was saying (not so nicely I might add). Maya that doesn't mean you are stupid at all, frankly you seem quite mature for you age...... I never would have guessed that you were 11. Inexperience, does not mean that you are stupid (so cheer up)


maya - February 24

thanks i appreciate that


to maya from Chris - February 24

Hey Maya, what has made you so interested in pregnancy and all, most 11 year olds don't even think about it. It's interesting to me that you spend so much time on here, and not with people in your own social situation. I've read some of your responses to questions, and you do seem to know alot for 11


becca - February 25

okay maya but what chris said is right and i did say its nice of you to offer advice but what i was saying was you cant fully understand what its like and i do so yes i can give advise and no your probably not smarter then me coz im nearly 16 and im not dumb that was my point about you not fully understanding whats its like to be pregnant or be a mum you only kno what in the texts books but we have lived and are living it now so just leave it


maya - February 25

how about you go back 2 pre-k you son of a b****


hahaha - February 25

people get their b___ts kicked on the internet. how funny


maya - February 25

you coming at me but ur 15. least i know better to have s_x while i'm in the 10th grade. my brother had a baby and my other brother is about to have one to answer ur question



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