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KM - August 22

Okay so sunday me n my boyfriend were having s_x and we didnt have a condom and normally he just sticks it in for a little bit but then usually he puts a condom on this time and he kept pulling it out n stuff just in case but the last time he pulled it out n he c_mmed right all over his sheets and i was like lying there id say it was about 1-2 inches away from me i know im paranoid but i dont think that would affect me because sperm dies fast when it hits oxygen right???and a couple of mintues after that my boyfriend decided to put a spermicide insertion in me to make him feel better but im not sure that would do anything but anyway i just need some advice i want to take a pregnancy test but i dont start my period till the begining of sept and my mom is supposed to take me to get on the pill next month too soo someone please just tell me what you think... i really just need advice and reassurance im just praying im not pregnant so please anyone feel free to write me something and i know i should of been safer but please just give me some reassurance and advice


KM - August 22

Someone please?!?!!?!?=(


Mary - August 23

I'm not sure if spermicide AFTER the sperm is inside u does anything. U need to wait until at least 3 days before u miss your period to take a test. If you are REALLY worried, you could take the EC pill, but u need to take it soon (by wednesday). Contact your local planned parenthood.


Grandpa Viv - August 23

Count 14 days back from when your period is due, plus or minus 2 to give when you likely ovulated. You had s_x close to this, so there is a slight chance of pregnancy. You could take Emergency Contraception today if you are worried. If you are getting pregnant, you might feel some signs as early as next weekend and you could take a home test Sept 9th. Good luck!


Melisss - August 23

sperms lives up to 72 hours


Melissa - August 23

sperms lives up to 72 hours


Km - August 23

Where do i get an EC is that like the morning after pill because i heard they were like 500 dollars


KM - August 23

And too it didnt get on my legs or anything....... so shouldnt i be okay????could i take a test now??


*Ashley* - August 23

EC is free just tell then that u don't have any health covarge. even if u do tell them u don't and yes u have to fell out papers. and before u can go on the pill the usually give u a pregnancy test. so good luck but try to get to planned parenthood for EC.


KM - August 23

can i just go to the health department the planned parenthood near me is in the next town and i have no way there i have atleast a ride to the health department in my town... but idk ive talked to a couple of my friends and they said ill probably be okay


KM - August 23

Can i take a test??? i mean i dont think i am but im still paranoid and im just praying to god im okay because next month im goin on the pill so please pray for me im asking god for this last chance i know i was stupid but im never doing this again so please i just want this last chance i think im gonna try to get a test this weekend because my friend told me that theEC is just the morning after pill and shes like the only person that can take me so idk what to do i cant be pregnant i would kill myself ....but my b___bs are kind of sore but i dont think i would have signs this early... i think its because i get my period in like a week or two like the 4th and sometimes i get stuff like this a week or two before my period so i hope thats normal but i just want to be okay cuz this is the last time ill ever do something like this again


KM - August 23

Thanks Ashley im gonna try to go friday because my boyfriend works and thats probably the only time he can take me have you ever been there do u know like there hours and should i make an appointment???


KM - August 24

So if i get a pregnancy test tonight would it be inaccurate because i really need something to put my mind at ease and im supposed to start my period like a week from this saturday and im kinda already having pms symptoms and if i was pregnant these signs wouldnt happen that fast would they??!???


*Ashley* - August 25

you can take a test but sometime its to early for the test to pick it up. and there my be a line there u can bearly see if thats the case you are. i am not sure what there hours are in your town go to there web site and check it out. but if u go friday it will be to let for EC then you would have to think of another option.


KM - August 25

Welll.....i should start my period around NEXT weekend and i nomarlly have symptoms like a week in advanced and ive been havin a few lately... so that should be a good sign right????


*Ashley* - August 26

sorry to say but u can't be for sure until you period comes and it normal. some sign u get for your period are the same for pregnancy. so just cross your fingers and hope its for your period.



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