You All Talk About The Bad Things About Babies

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- - June 13

Everyone says how much of hard work and dedication is to for a baby.. of course it is, but what about the good things? What are those good things?


Paula - June 13

There are a lot of good things, if you are old enough and able to support one.


Jbear - June 14

One of the good things about babies is seeing other people with newborns and knowing that they're going through the same sleepless nights and changing 12 diapers a day and trying to figure out what's wrong with a very angry little person who can't talk or even point at the part that hurts. Kids do get to be more fun, when they're about three.


Jill - June 14

People talk about the work required to have kids because lots of teenage girls forget it. Yes, there are lots of rewards for being Mommy. Then again, there's diapers, and midnight feedings, and teething, and diapers, and spitting up, and shots, and more diapers. If you're b___stfeeding, there's sore nipples and pumping. If you're formula feeding, there's trying to find the right formula that won't make the baby spit-up all over you and the couch and the floor. Babies are lots of work. People forget about that and only think "I'll always have someone to love me now." A friend of mine stayed with an abusive boyfriend because of a planned pregnancy. When ask why she didn't leave him, she just said "Who will want a 16 year old with a baby?" Well, by 17, she had 2 kids and her boyfriend was in prison for shooting and killing her grandfather. Now, she's raising 2 boys all alone, and she wishes she had waited. The older boy has a hole in his heart and is always going to a different doctor, and the younger one's growth is stunted because of how badly her boyfriend abused her while she was pregnant. Having a baby as a teenager is not easy, and teenage girls forget that.


Reba - June 14

Hey Jill Nice scareing there. Having a baby while you are a kid is hard. It is really hard. If we sat around just talking about the good things this wouldn't be a support board now would it?



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