You Guys Probably Don T Want To Hear This AGAIN

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amanda17 - November 6

But I need to let it out. Yesterday my period was due. I wasn't having any symptoms that it was coming so I was really excited thinking I was pregnant. I told my mom I thought I was, and Harold... I was just sooo happy. I was asking my grandma about how she handled having kids 13 months apart and just preparing myself for what was coming up. Positive outlook all along the way. But I started feeling like I was pregnant before my period was even due. It came right on time, down to the very hour. I cried for like 20 minutes by myself in the bathroom. When I told my mom and Harold I thought I was pregnant neither of them were even really happy about it, but it didn't stop me from being flooded with joy just from the very possibility. I'm still so depressed about it. I don't really need any advice I just wanted to tell somebody. I'm trying so hard for it to be a good time to try and conceive but I feel so limited financially due to my age and lack of experience. I have 2 odd jobs, one 2 hours a day and the other is 2 hours a week, so I'm not getting paid anything glamourous. I'm starting college in January and looking for a 'real' job in December when I'm done br___tfeeding. My mom said I'd probably only get about 17 dollars an hour with a highschool diploma which is barely enough for a c__ppy studio apartment on a shady side of town. Everything seems so out of reach... I feel as though I may never be at a point in my life where I will be financially stable enough to bring another child into my family. :(


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 6

Oh honey. Just take a nice deep breath. You can accomplish everything you want it just takes some time.


durante baby - November 6

I think it is a feeling that will never go away..All you can do is actually notice what you have accomplished in life...The more you get the more you want. It is only human nature to want what you cant have. So really no one is ever truely forfilled. There is always somthing more that you want. You have really accomplished more then you think. you are young. Everything that you have is what im sure no never imagined would would have as of 4 years ago, so just relax because years down the road you will wish you had these days back...This is going to sound so cheesey but lookup this song on Playlist dot com "Trace Adkins You're Gonna Miss This" I hear this song and it makes me cry because I really do miss when Dante was first born and dh and I were each making $9.20 an hour. Things were always tight and i always wanted more. but really now that i look back on it things were so content cause we had our baby and food to feed him. Now he is so big and Zaiden Is already 14months....I cried to that song yesterday because I have been having major baby blues.


V9653 - November 7

The only advice I can give you is to move. Where I live, 17 dollars an hour-god you'd have it made! There are people around here raising two kids on 10 or 12 dllars an hour and feeling lucky. I'm not dissing or anything and don't misunderstand, but when it comes down to it, you may need to sacrifice to finally feel comfortable bringing another child into this world, and that sacrifice may mean moving somewhere where you can have a three bedroom or four bedroom home for 5 or 6 hundred dollars. And if you make enough to pay 1,100 a month then you'd have a very very nice roomy place. There are options out there, it just takes adjustments, and where you live is very very expensive for anyone, let alone two young people just out of high school and just starting off.


durante baby - November 7

V- it doesnt matter where she lives or how much she makes money will still be an issue..Dh and i EACH make $31.20 an hour plus vacation, and full packet benifits, and still things get tough, but if we moved anywhere else we would be making less money. and would still probably be in the same exact financial situation....I could move to new york and make 56.98 an hour but then i am paying twice as much for living. moving isnt as practical as it may sound


amanda17 - November 7

I dunno, I guess I just feel really rushed because I still live at home. I wish I could just jumpstart things so I could at least afford a place of my own, even if it's modest. I kinda feel like a loser having a kid but still having to mooch off my mom and grandma.


durante baby - November 7

cheast = chest


teska - November 7

You have to remember that you are only 18! your life hasnt' started yet, so don't beat yourself up over things you have done in the past - you can't change them, so dont' waste your energy on feeling bad about them! Cherish what you have - a roof over your head, a baby girl. I don't know if you are at school or not, but if not, you may feel better and have a better outlook on life if you did start some courses towards a goal. You may be suprised how much a career goal can fill a gap! I think its very admirable that you can say "hey, I haven't done so well in life, I feel sad", because many people don't or won't do that and by the time they do they are very depressed and can't dervie joy out of anything. I think all the girls on here would agree in that things get hard for everybody, and we all have things that we would like to have and can't. I know that it just seems overwhelming for you, but you should always remember that you have a little girl who will be looking at everything you do and following your example. Just dont' stress out over it all right now, one step at a time - pick a goal and work for it, you are still young and you have plenty of time. I'm sure you'll be fine.


amanda17 - November 7

Every time I talk to my mom about it she makes me feel worse! She says "You're not a kid anymore, you're an adult and you have to take care of you're child." I'm doubling up on school work...she says I should triple it. She says I should get a "real" job. I can't say I disagree with her, I'm not saying I regret Ellie for one second, I am absolutely thrilled that I'm a mom... But I feel like I'm letting her down by not being able to take care of her on my own. Her and hopefully a little brother or sister :) I want them to have the best lives they can possibly have.


natasha123 - November 8

no matter were you live or who you are living with the best life a child can have is one were it is loved by its mum and has its mum look on the bright side as your there with your mum and grandma you can save what little money you get and spend what you need on her food and the little things for her and for ou birth days ask for money and save it because every little helps, as long as your daughter has her mum i bet she dont care were she is so slow down and relax and think of your daughter and it wil all come together good luck hunni



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