You People Can Sit There And Argue And Crisize Each Other

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mrs.kane - February 15

BUT YOU CANT HELP ME>??? My fiance' and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year now and well .. I started my period on time feb 3rd. NOrmaly my periods last 6days && it only lasted 3 1/2 days. Not only that but normaly I cramp all the time on my period and this period I didnt cramp not ONCE... && it wasn't as heavy as usual it was about half of what it normaly is && I bleed kinda heavy all the time.. Well then just a few days ago I had this brownish red blood drops on my panties & when I wiped it was pink and that only lasted like less then 2days not even. && when that was happening I was cramping and now im fine && im not cramping but My tummy just feels different, my appat_te is different I just dont eat much really like idk. I think I may have a cold IM sneezing alot && drained && tired and my eyes are watery and everything. Idk. But I really havent been feeling well at all I havent really ate much these past couple days Ive been feeling really sick to my stomache. If you can help me at all PLease


PreciousBaby19 - February 15

I stated on your other post.. Not everyone gets on during ht day. Its called being patient!!! I've been in this situation before...but me for a year and a half. my friend for two years. Its called patients...the only other thing i can suggest is fertility testing.


mrs.kane - February 15

I have no patience...!!


COLLEEN084 - February 15

Umm, what exactly is your question? Or do you need medical attention kind of help? If your question is are you pregnant or not, I'd say even if your period was irregular (shorter than normal) the fact that you still got it for three days I'd say your not. Unfortunately, absolutely no one on here can say for certain until you miss a period/take a pregnancy test.


PreciousBaby19 - February 15

get patience MRs. Kane because otherwise we aren't gonig to want to help you. Especially taking over someone elses posts and mking more than one of your own.


durante baby - February 19

I dont get what in the hell you are asking us!!! If you are asking us if we think you are pregnant....well.......How in the hell are we suppose to know? If you arent smart enough to know that haveing unprotected s_x raises the chances of pregnancy...Then I would stop haveing s_x til you get into some s_x education....Dont know what else you want to hear sweety.


krissy2006 - February 19

Did you kiss your mama with that mouth?!?! You should be ashamed of yourself!


durante baby - February 19

Aww does somebody need a WAM-bulance?


mrs.kane - February 19

I dont kiss my mom like you guys do. cuz im not a teen I came to this forum for help because no one answered my question in the other one. BUT at least the other one people dont like to pretend they are god. lol. PSYCHO's


durante baby - February 19

Dont be jealous cause we atre Gods and you jk...muahahahahaha!


krissy2006 - February 19

Ms. Potty Mouth I am not a teen either. However, I can say with all certainty that no matter how old you are, you sport the intelligence of a junior high reject.


Erin61877 - February 19

Not a teen either...LOL!! UGH!! Like it matters posted here as well.


durante baby - February 19

nope not a teen either.....Ladies should I jump on her like a spider monkey too?


Teddyfinch - February 19

mrs. kane: seems to me your problem is you get too stressed to easily. and that can keep you from having babies. think about this. next time before you come to us saying "f*** you" consider that we won't want to help you even if you are polite in the next post. as for your cycle, sometimes they're just light. every little thing can change your cycle. if you haven't taken a hpt, then do so and quit driving yourself mad. if your period came on time, then you probably aren't pregnant. even though it was light. however, it could be implantation bleeding aswell. no in regards to your att_tude. don't come to us begging for help and then tear into us. we're more than happy to help with what we can, but you have to be a civil human being first. you act like a teen and your whole maturity that you show on these boards absolutely scream that you are not ready for the responsibility of a child. i can pretty much see God taking pity on any child you may have by not letting you have it just yet because you simply aren't ready. i suggest you learn patience, because i'm going on 7.5 years ttc with no luck and you're just a light weight in all of this. now be nice or p__s off ^^


HeavenisMine - February 19

Hey I'm not a teen either, we should be best friends forever!!!


grow_up - February 19

you can spot during ovulation, take a pregnancy test and go post on the signs of pregnancy forum......solves everyones problems.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 20

With your att_tude you need to get your tubes say you aren't a teen but you are by far the WORST person I have ever met. You are extremely are you going to handle a crying baby? You use a cussword in every sentence...what example is that for your children? I can just see it now...kindergarten student comes to school threatening the teacher telling her to die the most painful death and calling her a the b word the f word and every other word in the book. Turned in a 2 page report with only the f word. The person you are with (if you are even with anyone) I feel completely sorry for, he must be the most miserable man in the world. I don't like interferring in stuff to much anymore, but if you had kids my daughter would NOT be going to your house let alone talking to my daughter because they will be under such a bad influence because of you. You need to go to a therapist and get yourse;f checked out as soon as possible. Even if your story isn't true you have one deranged mind and you don't deserve a child. No one with your att_tude deserves a child who flips out because she didn't get any attention from a forum...I feel bad to people who have to answer yourquestions in person. You are the worst person to be friends with. I do feel sorry for any kids you have because you are a selfish, obnoxious, rude, impatient girl who needs to go out and grow up before you dare bring an innocent child and ruin their poor lives. They didn't do nothing to you, don't bring a child into this world because you clearly aren't ready and they did nothing to deserve their mother being as self centered as you. And look, if I can get through a post without cussing, you should too. Not a good example for your little ones.



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