You Shouldnt Be Having Sex

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anna - July 11

if you werent ready to take care of a baby you should have never started having s_x. Im 16 years old an in about 2 weeks my baby girl will enter this world. yea i messed up but i manned up to my mistake and now im having a beautiful baby girl. Me and my sister are idenical twins and we got pregnant at about the same time...she was about 3 weeks ahead of me. she had a baby girl too but her baby came a month early. i talked her out of an abortion and she thanks me everyday for that a baby is a very beautiful thing and i shouldnt even say a thing because its a life... but picture this 7 people living in a 3 bedroom house. and soon there will be another addtion to the family. me and my sister are both on medicade and on the WIC program. we're doing whatever we can to make this work. because babies are work. and there people too. so if you had an abortion or your going to, just stop and think about one day if you we just walking down the road or something and someone took your life against your will... how different is that than you taking the life of your baby? that is a life...not a doll. it doesnt matter if your only a week pregnant. abortion is wrong and should be abolished. the only reason abortion should ever be considered is for medical reasons. so just stop and think about it


? - July 11

who u preaching to? you wouldnt be able to take care of ur baby without gov't help. so......


ur right - July 12

What she is trying to get out, is no matter how hard you might have to work, anything is better then abortion. Abortion is curel and is given to the girls that are not willing and selfish to take care of there own baby knowing that there might be some problemes as you go... When abortion is given, you gota look at the after thoughts. You are murderng your own baby because you are not ready?? Well, then if you arent, then you just shouldnt be having s_x in the frirst place. You gota deal with your consequences the right way.


missy - July 13

Just stop preaching its pro choice and thats how it should be



I personally believe that abortion should be illegal. I think that girls, take abortion, as a form of birth control then anything. There are girls out in this world that have been rapped, etc. And, IF ANYTHING, that is when abortion should come in mind. But, just because young girls ar'nt ready for the responsibility and know that it is going to be hard?? That should be no reason for an abortion.


missy - July 13

i think if a girl gets abortion cause she made a mistake one time its ok it shouldnt be birth controll but it should stay pro choice


Ce;; - July 13

What has it got to do with anyone else if someone has an abortion? Mind your own businesses.


Rach - July 14

abortion isnt for everyone, my friend wanted a baby at 15 she got herself pregnant and then had an abortion.that is just shows that some people arnt mature enough to look after a baby.maturity comes at different ages.people of 30 aint mature enough to look after a baby...but yet noone lectures them on safe s_x. teenages can be just as good parents as anyone of any doesnt matter. but sometimes for some people abortion is the best option.AND BY THE WAY im 17 and i dont have goverment dont tar all people with the same wouldnt say that if this was an over 30 site!!!!


To Missy - July 14

Shutup at least isn't she isn't out here encouraging people to have s_x and have babies she is just saying that she is happy she didn't have an abortion.


to anna - July 14

well said anna,and good luck with the baby!


missy - July 14

dont tell me to shut up thats what this bord is for isnt it not for rude ppl like you


B - July 14

Ugh, If you are a WOMAN, yet don't believe in a woman's right to choose what happens with HER OWN body, then you are a disgrace to women. Thanks for helping keep the opression going. BTW to the original poster, what business do you have telling people they shouldn't be having s_x when you did the same d__n thing? I understand you are trying to be all wise and give us your input about how TOUGH it can be to be a teen mother, but you don't even know, you haven't even BEEN there yet.


How about...... - July 14

not having s_x until you are grown up and self sufficient?


To b - July 15

B i think you are so right i wanted to say somthing like that but the words just wouldnt come out thank you! And i seriously belive its womens right to choose


To Missy - July 15

I am not rude, but if this board is for people to say their opinions then don't tell people to stop preaching. And it is pro-choice so shutup and let people do whatever they want.


To B - July 15

She is saying don't have S_x if you can't handle the consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like using an abortion as birth control idiot.


Racheal - July 15

Why do YOU guys get to decide "the right way" for some one else to handle THEIR pregnancy. The bottom line is it really doesn't matter what my personal opinion or anyone else's is, if you believe raising, aborting, putting the baby up for adoption that is YOUR body,your choice.



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