Young And Possibly Pregnant

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Alys - October 22

I've been s_xually active with one partner for over 3 months, and we have used protection, every time. However, I think there was a flaw in one of the condoms he used, and sure enough, my period didnt arrive like it should have 4 days ago. My cycle is usually like clockwork and I can pinpoint almost the exact time of day to expect it. When my period didnt arrive, I immediately started considering the possibilities, talked to my boyfriend about it, and we have since discussed every possible outcome. We have also decided to find out as soon as possible, because I am experience light spotting and irregular discharge, and sit down with our families to tell them. I am almost certain at this point I am pregnant, without a home-test, but will take one as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I would like some advice, from other girls who have gone through what I am going through, or even mothers who wouldnt mind providing some advice about how to tell my own parents, and what to expect. I admit I am scared, but mature enough to handle this, as is my boyfriend. Thank you, and please, if you have time take a moment to share.


Vickie - October 22

hi Alys, im 16 and 38 weeks pregnant, its really good that u've talked it through and accepted the possibilty of things that could happen, but i gotta say you need to find out before making decisions, or telling people ur feelings ect...wheni fell pregnant i knew, cant explain how but i just did, its like the test was just proof to every1 else lol. if you are pregnant then things are going to change, and usually so fast that u dont realise 38 weeks and i can still remember taking the test in my bathroom and bawling my eyes out like it was yesterday...=) but before even considering talking to ur parents u need to find out for sure and start with pre-natal vitamins ect. all the best and keep us updated! lotsa love xx



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