Young And Trying

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anon14x - February 25

My boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby. we are both teens. I had my period on the 4th of February (this month), and im sort of irregular, but i usally get my period after 31-33 days. Supposedly on my "ovulation calendar" i should have been ovulating on the 23rd, if i was 33 days. We had s_x on Monday the 19th, thursday the 22nd, friday the 23rd, and saturday the 24th. And 2 of those days we had s_x more than once. Do i have a good chance of getting pregnant??? do u think that i had a good chance of "hitting that window"??


jodie - February 25

If you ovulated on the 23rd I would say you had a pretty good chance. They make ovulation predictor kits (looks like a preg test) that you can pee on and it will let you know if you are about to ovulate or are ovulating. You can even buy them at the dollar tree if you don't want to spend lots of money. Good luck!


ChattyKathy - February 26

If you are living with your parents you might want to discuss this issue with them, seeing as they are the ones who will probably have to house this child, listen to it crying throughout the night, and support your family. They will probably be the ones paying for daycare while you go to school and whatnot.


xsarahx_18x - February 26

can i ask how old you are? i think those ovulation tests are probably a good idea, then you will be able to know when exactly when you are ovulating so it'll make you chances pretty high (like jodie said) good luck x x


Noodle - February 26

by your screen name it looks lie your 14. i hope you havent hit that window, because you shouldnt be trying to have a baby now. Yeh theres a difference between trying and falling pregnant by accident. Maybe you should think about everything you will miss out on. would your parents what you having a baby now? think about the effects it will have on your parents lives aswell. not only at home, but what will their friends think? if they go to church? they will look like they condone their 14 year old daughter to have s_x illegally? its not just your life your playing with honey, and you need to realise that. and as you dont you can tell your only a child and you need to grow up before you have a baby. plus girls who are only 14, tend to need a__sisted deliveries, with being cut and using forceps. NOT A NICE EXPERIENCE i promise you that. wanna cry every time you pee for weeks where your st_tches are so sore. Wanna cit with your legs in the air whilst some bloke comes along and sews up your sliced flesh? no? didnt think so?


babyonboard16 - February 26

If you were ovulating then you probably are uh take a test when ur next period is supposed to come.


anon14x - February 26

thank u for the good advice, but i am 18 years old and so is he. 14 is just a lucky number.


Noodle - February 27

sorry for jumping the gun abit there thinking your only 14 - you just get alot of 14 year old son here trying to get pregnant so they can play dolly's without thinking about what it does to their families. i think you have a pretty good chance have you considered buying ovulation strips on ebay. you can get them pretty cheap and will help give you a good idea on whats going on in your cycle


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 27

I'm 18 and pregnant, it is harder then you think...I would suggest you getting your education and living your life first...and if you and your boyfriend are still together then try after you have both made a name for yourselves.


Amanda18 - February 27

With perfectly timed s_x you have a 20-25% chance of conceiving every cycle. Ovulation tests are good for most people. My own experiance with them sucked because for some reason I had such a short surge that it didnt register unless I used two a day which gets expensive. Charting temp is better and cheaper but it takes a couple months to figure out your pattern.


afireinsideamanda - February 28

how old are you babe??


afireinsideamanda - February 28

oh okay . i shouldve read through this more. i got pregnant and im almost 19 and i still think its too early for me. are you sure youre going to marry this man and hell be a good father? i know i sound like im lecturing, i dont mean to...its just...if i couldve gone back and been more careful, i wouldnt be pregnant you know. its an amazing experience, and im STILL GOING TO LOVE THIS BABY with all that is in me, and be the best mama i know how to but consider on my own. things dont always last. how long have you and your man been together?? its a big deal. just be sure youre ready for it, otherwise, as young as you are, you shouldnt have a bit of trouble getting pregnant, i know i didnt.


anon14x - February 28

thanks everyone for the great advice, i just wanted to let everyone know that even though i am only 18 my boyfriend and i both come from wealthy families and are both financially okay. we live together, and not with our parents =) and we've talked everything out. we know that one day were going to marry, just not right now. and we know we'll give this baby all the love we have


ChattyKathy - February 28

I appologize, too, for a__suming you were probably 14. Still, I have to mention that I wanted a child so badly with my live-in boyfriend. When it didn't happen we stopped trying, I branched out, got involved in college, set up goals, and then fell pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the way my life is changing, but I do wish I had the opportunity to become more involved in the things I set out to do. I also find myself missing it being just the two of us in our relationship. We are family now, that is great, but there is something about just being an intimate couple that is pretty great too. If you have the support of your family and really want this, then I support you. Go for it, but as with anything that is life changing, just make sure you are absolutely ready.


rashadsmommie - March 5

sweetie being a teen mother isn't what you want. im due any day now and im 16. dont get me wrong a baby is a blessing but how will you support it? do you know a can of formula runs between 20-25 dollars? and thats just one! apack of jumbo pampers cost at the least 17 bucks, ON SALE! and unlike us babies need new clothes constantly, and those are far from cheap! Just think...........


mummy2paris - March 5

ChattyKathy: Can i just say this is in no way being rude or anything just want to say something, i live with my mum at the moment i have a soon to be 2 year old go me hehe ne way my mother in no way is a mother to my daughter she dosent pay for her feed her dress her bath her put her to bed make her feel better when she is ill n all that jazz me n my partner do it all i pay rent cook do the cleaning buy my own food washing powder ect and im 17 so please dont just prosume things :)


Ca__sie06 - March 5 you mean "a__sume"? Or "presume"? "Prosume" is not a word. It is irresponsible to try to have a baby until you can move out on your own and support yourself.



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