Young Mommies Being Young And Pregnant

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ConnorsMommy - June 23

there's a site that i found: ... there's a 24/7 chat that i go on pretty much everyday and talk with other young moms/young pregnant women. i just thought i'd let everyone know about it so we can all talk to each other quicker instead of making forums :) i use my name, Breana, in the chat room.. stop by and say hi!... oh yeah, it's free and you dont need to be a member


felicia22 - June 23

my daughter is 3 months know and when i got her weighed last month she was 10 lbs 8 oz and i got her weighed the other day and she lost half a pound, what ami doing wrong? she's b___st fed and fed all the time


ConnorsMommy - June 24

you might not be getting the right nutrition. if you're b___stfeeding, you should still be taking prenatal vitamins and eating an extra 400 calories a day. this should help your little girl gain some weight. if she still doesn't gain weight, try supplementing with formula a few times a day. formula has all the right vitamins and nutrients she needs. but make sure it's a formula that has DHA & ARA with iron. wal mart has a brand called "parents choice" and that formula only costs $11.88 and it meets all the standards that an infant needs.


Clarissa23 - June 26

no dont give her formula yet..a half a pound is nothing to worry about..if it wasnt the same scale or not calibrated right it could give a false weight..b___stmilk is best and as long as you have enough milk you can nurse successfuly


felicia22 - June 28

im not worried about it cause my mom told me that she could of grown to fast for her weight to keep up, and i've started to give her a bit of pablum in the morning and before bed. she likes the oatmeal one. i was taking prenatal vitamins but i ran out and when i went to get more from our health unit they told me that they're really only meant for PREGNANT people, and said i dont need them any more.


apr - June 29

I need help. I tried going into the 24/7 chat room and there seems to be some problem for me loging in. Can you help?


ConnorsMommy - June 29

sure. what are you having problems with?... it should get you to this site: once you're there, you dont need to fill out the "user name" or whatever the first line is.. just enter your name (in the second line) and your email and that's it :)


ConnorsMommy - June 29

also, felicia22... you dont have to get prenatal vitamins from a clinic ANY drug store will have them on the shelf. and it says clearly on the bottle, for pregnant or NURSING has all the vitamins that you still need for your dd. i dont know... it was just a thought.. i'm STILL taking prenatal vitamins and i'm not pregnant OR b___stfeeding.. i'm just taking them becuase they have LOT more essential ingredients in one pill, instead of having to take 5 vitamins...


felicia22 - July 3

that is soooo true, thank you soooo much. i want to keep taking them because i find that my daughter is in a better mood when i take them i dont know if that has anything to do with it lol but thats what i think. and i think that i am going to get formula for when i go out so that way i can have a break, and so i can have some "me" time and get my mom to watch her and also so me and her dad can spend some time together. but at home it's b___st but when out at like a restraunt it's formula.


MaMa 2 B - July 3

this website is not letting me chat....please help me


MaMa 2 B - July 4

i am also tryin to get to the 24/7 chat and it takes me to a page that asks if i wanna give a donation or be added on the do i get to the chat...


felicia22 - July 11

well i started dakota on formula, enfalac, she likes it and since then she's been gaining weight better, im still b___st feeding also. im just topping her off with the formula :D


lilmomma88 - July 11

wow...10 lbs 9 oz at 3 months? My son must be huge then... he's 2 weeks old and weighs 10 lbs 3 oz!!


ConnorsMommy - July 11

MaMa 2 B... i haven't ever had that problem.. have you tried going to the direct link? (exclude any -'s)... LOL, felicia22, "topping her off with formula" .. that's what i did with my son for a while.. but then i just stuck with the formula cuz it's easier to go out and easier when people babysit! ;) people say that b___stmilk is best (and i agree) but i formula is DEFINATELY improving... i bet in 10 years, with the technology we have, doctors will reccommend formula over b___stmilk! lol.. jk, i dont know about that


felicia22 - July 17

well dakota is doing great, and everything is going good with the formula. i hope everything goes great for the rest or you's :D



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