Young Pregnant Both Parents Making Get An Abortion Or Adopt

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Krystal - January 16

I'm young and pregnant am only 15 years old...and i found out 4 weeks ago that i'm pregnant...i already told my mom & dad...they said that i either have to get an abortion or put my baby up for adoption...and i dont want to do neither...i wanna keep this baby...can somebody please help me.


becca - January 16

give your mum and dad time to come to terms with the news because no doubt they were very shockedand tell them that u dont want to do either they should understand....good luck xx


Lashawnda - January 16

I am 15 to and i am only a month but i havent told my parents but if i was you i wouldnt let my parents make me kill it or give it away..Because you laid down and had s_x so you can stand up take care of it.


Missy - January 16

U know what hun....Abortion or Adoption may seem like the worst possibilities that there are. But if you think really hard about it...Im sure you want to give ur baby the best life it could possibly have. If u gave ur baby up for adoption, it may have a better life with a loving, caring married couple that it would with u living at ur parents house trying to graduate from high school. It is ur decision, but try and think what would be best for your baby.


tara - January 16

This is the time you have to stop thinking about your self and start thinking about what kind of future you have to offer this child. Will it be a good life? are you able to provide for it? Are you planning to finish school? are you driven enough to go to college & uni along with rasing a child? If the answers are no, then you need to think about what your parents have said. You should know some people can cope better with adoption than abortion; and some with abortion than adoption. At any rate, I'd suggest having a long talk with your parents and voicing out your reasons for wanting to keep it...and it better not be because I like babies, they are cute! That is no reason to even consider. The only way your parents will listen to you is if you talk to them matuerly and with great reason. good luck


Sarah - January 17

This is a hard decision to make, and no one can force you to do either, it is up to you. Adoption and abortion both are irreversible decisions, so you need to be sure that you choose what you want. I would say the best bet out of the two would be adoption, as you are enabling the child ( in a selfless act) to have a good life with someone who can support this child financially. Its not a question if you love your child enough.. but finances play a big part in it all. The only other advice I can give you is if you prove to people and get information and line up some work and make steps to try and support this child on your own ( this means no financial help from your parents as it seems they are so against you keeping your baby anyway, i doubt they will be there to help in the first place) If you truley truley want this baby and to raise it.. you need to be willing to work your a__s off and put your plans on hold so that your child has a good start in life. You are caipable of that, its bloody hard, but if you truley want it... you can get it


Ruby - January 17

My mum kept me, I was born when she was 15. And although I am sure my grandmother wasn't impressed she still stood by my mum. Hopefully your parents will come around to the idea (especially if you go to them in a mature way, perhaps with a plan for the next 5+ years, so they can see you are serious about keeping the baby and have taken all issues into account) Mum raised my siblings and myself well, she did further her education when we were in school. Being pregant so early in life isn't exactly the best start, you will miss out on a million things that teens get to do or take for granted, but if you work hard at making it work then it will (and you will then be like my Mum, getting your ME time in your 30s). If you are driven you can do your education/further education while you are pregnant/ have bubs, it will be hard, extremely, but it can and has been done before. If it really isnt an option then you can study a few years down the track when junior hits school. Good luck.


lilmama - January 17

Your parents can not make you do anything you dont want to. This is your baby and your life and the choice is yours. Personally I do not believe in abortion and think it is murder, but I am not here to judge anyone. You have to do what you think is right for you, and if keeping your baby is what you feel is right, that is your choice. It may be hard to cope with if your parents do not back you up, but there are sources out there to help in situations like these- financially and emotionally. You just have to do a little searching to find them. I wish you the best of luck with your decision and hope that you will pray about it, as I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck sweetie, and dont let anyone push you around just because they are older than you


your choice - January 19

I agree with lilmamma abortion would not be the way to go's not your childs fualt you had s_x I know that it is hard belive me I have been there some people will tell you it's not murder becuase it's not a baby or not alive...that's what they told me when I went to the abortion clinic...I left thinking about what I was going to do and it hit me on the way home ...they have to kill this "non living fetus" inside me before they take it out...but if it's not alive why would they kill it? you can't kill something that isn't alive. And I know that having s_x at a young age is not the best idea but I also know that 2 people alone do not have the power to create life God has got to have a hand it...if you have a misscarige or something were to happen during birth ( I pray it dosn't) but that would be god telling you it wasn't time but showing you the consequences of having s_x. A abortion is a human playing god. You can call your local Juvinille Probate center and they can help no matter your age it's your baby and your choice . If you do have the abortion please get counsling I decided to have my daughter and now she is the best thing in my best friend had a abortion a year later and killed herself 3 months after that becuase she kept hearing the baby crying in her sleep.


What? - January 20

"I also know that 2 people alone do not have the power to create life God has got to have a hand it..." - What? How do your minds work?


to your choice: - January 20

God had a hand in it when we were given the knowledge that having s_x means the possibility of getting pregnant! Men were given the sperm, women got the egg and that's that. Everything else is left up to the natural occurrences of your body.


* - January 20

God who? Take some science courses.


nameless - January 20

How did you have the guts to tell your parents? I think I am pregnant, but need to go to a clinic first. My first test was a negative but I have been feeling signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I think I am pregnant and need to know how I will tell my parents. Please help me...I am 17 now, but turning 18 in one month. How do I tell my parents or even confront them?


lilliam - January 22

gurl they always say that but when the baby comes they will regret even thinking that good luck gurly


Mommy2Kylie - January 22

First of all I don't believe your parents can FORCE you to go get an abortion, thats abuse. Second of all, I think you should really think long and hard about wanting to be a parent, adoption may not seem like such a bad idea. Im 19 and have a 2 and a half month old baby girl and its hard for ME and I have a car, house, and her Dads still in the picture. Do you live on your own? Or do you expect your parents to keep you and your child under their home. Do you have a job to support your baby? Do you have a car to go to and from your doctors appointments? Can you pay for those doctors appointments? Can you pay for all the things your childs going to need until he/she is 18 years old, and even after that? Answer yourself those questions and then think about if you're ready to take on the responsability of someone elses life.


i know god has a hand in it. - January 24

my mind works like this if not for getting pregnant in highschool I would not have had the drive to go to college I would have more than likely just bummed off my parents. God has a plan for me and my child and he forgives me for having s_x out of wedlock and blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I pray you do not think you are the powerful where you can create a life with just sperm and an egg? if that's the case why can't everyone do it? why are there unfertile people? why dosn't everyone who has s_x get pregnant?


Asha - January 24

Well me im fifteen and i thik im pregnant and if i am i am getting an abortion but thats because i dont wanna carry around a baby thats not what i want and i wouldn't be able to give it away. Do you think you can take care of a baby because its obvious your parents dont want to take care of it. Can you give the baby away? Is it in you think of the future for your baby maybe wondering about you or vice versa you wondering about your baby. Can you go through with an abortion is that in you? its really depending on what you can handle emotionally as well as physically(pregnancy) and mentally. Are you mature enough to keep the baby



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