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waffles - April 26

Thought i'd come to the teen forum and ask your opinions or expiernences. I have taken 3 preg tests and all looked the same. 1 dark line and another verrrrrrrry light line. Almost like a clear in color. it doesnt stand out..but if u look hard..its there. and its not pink..its like clearish. what do you think?


Amanda18 - April 26

If its clearish, indented or grayish looking then it is probably an evap line. Not a definite though. Check out They have info on the brand and pics of positives and evaps. Maybe you should try a different brand. Good luck.


mizaditude - April 26

If the line is there within the time frame they give you, the tests are more than likely positive. There wouldn't be a line if there was no hcg in your urine. Take another one in a couple of days.


mizaditude - April 26

I forgot to mention that my first pregnancy test looked like a shadow. I wasn't even sure it was actually there it was so light. But it definetly was there. Then i took another one later and it was darker


Amanda18 - April 26

Waffles what brand did you use?


ash2 - April 26

if you took the test and the line shows up within the time limit, than any second line is a positive. wait untill the next day or two and do it again


Mummy2paige - April 27

When i done my first pregnancy test the line was VERY light i even got a friend of mine to have a look to make sure i was'nt seeing things,My daughter is now 17 months old.Like other people have said,take a test in a few days to be sure.x.


Amanda18 - April 27

It very well could be a positive but in my personal experience there is always something there, just depends on how well you can see it. If any line of any color appears in the correct time frame means + then I've been pregnant since the middle of 2004. This is my own personal experience but I know people who get faint faint lines and are pregnant. You should try the digital it's so much easier then thinking your eyes are playing tricks on you.


fortune cookie - April 28

yeah, use another brand, and make sure you use the first morning urine. also, hormone levels vary from woman to woman.



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