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clay - July 10

If a little bit of c_m gets on my hand and I rub my hands together to kinda of get rid of it and about 2-3 minutes later I finger my gf, could she get pregnant? ok, that was about 2 weeks ago. She was on the middle of her fertile window and about 1 week after that happened she started to get headaches, a few days later she got a runny/stuffy nose kinda of like a cold, her voice changed a little and all. Then she got some backaches in the lower and middle sections. Some days she felt really fatigued and tired. Her cold went away but she still gets some headaches every now and then like for 10-20 minutes and then they go away. Umm, what do you all think??? Thanks and God bless!!!


me - July 10

i dont think so


Audrey - July 11

Clay- It is highly possible that your gf could get pregnant in the way you describe. Rubbing it off won't work, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. If your gf misses her next expected period she should use a home pregnancy test. Good luck!


clay - July 13

So my gf's period came 4-5 days earlier. She said she had been feeling funny the whole morning then in the afternoon she started shaking a little, she's got stomachaches and backaches she also hadn't eaten the whole day. She says she feels like going to the bathroom and peeing but nothing comes out. She said she saw quiet alot of blood on her panties when she went to the bathroom in the afternoon, then a little drop at night. What could that be?


clay - July 13

Thanks and God bless you all!!! Again what could that be?


C hristina - July 13

Hi Clay- your girlfriend should go to the doctor. She may have a urinary tract infection or some other type of infection. Good luck


Audrey - July 13

Clay- Judging from the symptoms that you have described, it's likely that your gf has become pregnant. Wait another week and if she doesn't feel better tell her to use a home pregnancy test.


nena - July 13

well if u cleaned off but didnt wash off yes there is a possibility so u should by her an ept which is a home test dat lets u kno if u pregnet in 2-3 weeks but good luck and god bless u 2.


rachel - July 13

sperm dies when its ejaculated into the open air. its VVVVVunlikely that your girlfriend is pregnant..more likely to be stressed!!!!


To Rachel - July 13

You are very, very wrong. Sperm does not die when it hits the air. If that were true, then a man would not be able to come in a cup to check for fertility issues.....also, sperm donars are given a cup and a magazine to do their "business" in, and then their sperm are frozen...So they do not die when they hit the open air.


bump - July 13



clay - July 14

Pregnant? I thought that once you period comes you don't have to worry no more! Today she kept bleeding but the pains slowed alot.


danielle - July 14

she needs to see an O.BGYN when she does she will be checked 4 pregnancy and std's


clay - July 24

So to let ya'll know mu gf doesn't look preg. Her period came like 5 days early and according to her, for five days and it was very simmilar to her previous periods. All that pain that she felt went away after her first day on her period. It was not pinkish nor brownish, it was regular red she said. But, the big "but" Today I saw her panties and they had some kinf of sticky white stuff on them, I don't know if that came b/c she got h__y or if it is some v____a discharge. I really doubt she could be pregnant. Thanks to all of those who cared and God bless all!!!



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