Your Thoughts On Teenage Pregnancies

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Jess - December 16

im 14 and gave birth 7 hours ago to a healthy baby girl, but lots of people have said you have ruined your life and all sorts of things that dont make ya feel good. im happy because i just brung a new life into this world. i mean this is the best thing that is going to happen to me!!!! Why do you think it is a bad thing for us to have our babies at young ages?


To Jess - December 16

Don't worry what other people are saying to you. YOu just had a beautiful baby daughter and she is all that matters to you. You just be the best Mom you can andprove them wrong. Congratulations and best of luck to you.


Jodie - December 16

You managed to JUST have a baby, and log on to here???


Jess - December 16

Yes actually, i was let out of hospital 2 hours after having my baby and she is just fast asleep and i wanted to share my news! is there something wrong with that?


manda - December 16

holy cow!!! congrats... im jealous.. have fun, and be a loving mom... what other people say cant make a difference right now... its up to u to prove em wrong! u go girl! (o:


Give me a break - December 16

You just gave birth yet at 8 oclock last you were one "teen mother success story" thread claiming to be in labor and 2 cm.Give me a break.Do you think we are that stupid?


...... - December 16

I take it back you were on here at 8:55 last night.The first post is at 4:15.The times don't add up.


Mira - December 16

Maybe people think it's bad for someone your age to have a baby because 7 hours after giving birth, you are playing on your computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My answer - December 16

Sorry sweetie... I call Bullsh_ _! There is no way a Dr. would release you and your baby from the hospital at 2 hrs. post delivery. I had two of mine at a birthing center (more lax rules about how long you have to stay afterwards) and I still didn't get released until 5 hrs. post birth. I was also in my late 20's and not a very young teen. I truly don't think you are telling us the whole story.


Jess - December 16

i went into labour at gave birth at 2.30 pm there is nothing im changing about that. in new zealand the hospitals do kick you out 2-3 hours after babys born if baby is fine. and my baby was! by the way this isnt jess its her boyfriend.


.... - December 16

she was not playing on the computer she was telling people how happy she was


My answer plus - December 16

Lets have a math cla__s.The time from the post on the other thread and the 4:13 AM on thread equales7 hours and17 minutes."jess"would of had to give birth about the same time you were pa__sing time at 2 cm.bullsh__!


Boyfriend - December 16

she was on here at 2 cm dialated but that was at about 10.15 am nz time. there is other jess that are prego that post on here too.


...... - December 16

both 14 and trying to get out the same point.That having a child doesn't ruin your life.How odd!What a small world.please get real


umm - December 16

20:41 to 20:55 was 2 cm - 0:39 had baby 4 hours ago thats what is says on posts


Danielle - December 20

OK i belive that having a baby can ruin your life if you are not ready, not prepared, not mature, do not have a career, and have plans to go onto college and are not married. 14 is a very young age...what grade are you in? like seventh or eigth? I am 18 years old and will be graduating from high school in about 5 and 1/2 months and have a hard enough time managing my time will you fit a "baby" into your lifestyle...well! if you are a millionaire and your family does nothing for a living but receives money for sitting on their b___ts then have at 'er they can babysit right? some way some how you will have to pay for babysitting, hospital fees, food, drink, clothing, check ups, meds if he/she gets sick and of course schooling as well as your own! best of luck next time please have safe s_x...God's Blessings!


Amy - December 20

im 14 and due on june 3rd. my family arent poor at all we are pretty well off but we are not millionares. in the first year. but my family do go out and make money!!! my family owns a bank. at my school there is a daycare for babys of perants whom go to that school and its free. doctors are free until age 2! and im going to a birthing centre to have my baby and its free



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