143 98 Bp

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Keela - October 14

My dr freaked out with the number. Gave me the 3rd degree.."I forgot to take the bp meds" my fault. But is this really high? I have to go for an u/s on tue and a recheck of b/p on thurs. What do ya'll think


holly - October 14

it is high, especially if you usually have a normal blood pressure. My dr. put me on bed rest at 33 weeks when my bp read 140/94. i have mild pre eclampsia. i haven't been given any medication though.


Keela - October 14

I was on med before my I go preg. but it has remained lo until yesterday. I hope it goes back down by Thursday.


mother777 - October 14

i had high bp before this pregnancy. however i take my medication every day, and it has remained under control.


nelly - October 14

oh man, high bp is scary I had post-partum preeclampsia and it got up to 197/112 my normal is like 90/60 my right side was numb and tingling I could not think straight or even stand on my own. I fell over on my dh. I am 23 and I was on the verge of a stroke. Its terrible. I hope everything goes ok for you and take care of yourself and dont forget those meds.


Lynn - October 15

I think it depends. My friends bp was 180/100 her whole pregnany & dr never put her on meds or anything-just bedrest towards the end when she had some light bleeding. Mine was 160/100 without meds and runs about 120/75 with meds. But even before I was pg it was always around 140/90. Its alwasy much higher at the dr office too, I think out of fear that it will be high. I have a home monitor & take it 2-4 times a day & keep a log & take that in to the drs office every time I go because the readings they get are always so high. I took the home monitor in & checked it against their readings too just to make sure it was accurate. I found that 140/90 to 179/109 is considered moderately high bp and there is a lot of debate as to whether treament with drugs actually does any good for bp in this range, obviously it lowers it some but there is no proof that it prevents preeclampsia. bp 180/110 and higher is considered severely high and requires treatment, depending on the doc, they might hospitalize you until it is under control.


L - October 15

Anything over 140/90 during pregnancy raises the issue of pre-eclampsia. Which can mean that the baby might not be getting good circulation through the placenta if it's that high or higher. It also raises issues of toxins in the blood I was told. Dr's will definitely watch this and many would put you on bedrest if it continues to be that high or higher. A one time reading of this is not so much a concern as it is if it stays there. I had a one time reading with the top number over 140 but the low was only like 78 and the Dr kept an eye on it and it's never gotten there again. Good luck, hopefully it just drops right back down.


Tammy - October 15

Yes, it's high. My pressure was 118/70 and they were pleased with that. Be careful!


C3 - October 15

Check it out--in the beginning I had 193/130. Adviced total bedrest. On and off my BP had been around 170/110; 150/100 and just yesterday 145/100. 36 weeks now and have not taken any meds. So, i guess it depends if together with a high BP you have protein in your urine, face swollen, and abrupt weight gain etc. I didn't have any other problem except the high BP so I was just 'controlled' rather than medicated.


Lynn - October 16

Also, for an actual diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, you have to have several factors. The most obvious are bp over 140/90 and protein in your urine. But the textbook diagnosis can happen with no protein in your urine if you have an increase in either the top or bottom bp number of 30 points or more. So if you usually have bp that is 120/60 and suddenly its 150/70, then that would cause alarm because the top number increased by 30. Many doctors also don't worry too much about the top number but worry about the bottom number. Some doctors if the bottom number gets over 90 will automatically put you on bedrest even if the top number is still only like 125 or so.



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