14yr Age Difference

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kirsten34 - December 30

This is my 2nd child, the first is 14yrs old a boy this time it is going to be a girl and it is like starting over from scratch, I feel as if I have to learn everything all over again and mom is not here to help this time. Does anybody else feel like your hormones are way different when it's a girl or boy b/c sometimes I hate my husband and then I love him so much the next. With 9 weeks left I am starting to feel a bit anxious now too.


krissy2006 - December 30

I am not speaking from the experience of the mom but from the experience of the child. I am several years older than my little sister and it was the same for my mom, a clean slate. She had to learn everything over again. And sometimes it is a bit difficult on the older sibling because they are used to being "the only sibling"... I am truly sorry that your mom isn't close by to help you out this time. I think that is a very crucial part of becoming a mom, is having your mom with you. So I am so sorry. I am sure all your anxiety and fluctuation of moods and hating/loving your husband is normal. I am only in my 2nd tri and feel that way now. LOL... GL to you and I hope you have a happy easy birth! :)


reblurich - December 30

Kristen-I am 38w2d with my second, my first is 10yrs old. Everything has changed since my last pregnancy. I have read everything I can because I felt like you I was starting all over. Good luck We have done this befoer we will make it thru this one:)


ROBYN - December 30

I also feel anxious i have a 9 year old son from a previous marriage. Got remarried 1 1/2 years ago and we went thru IVF to conceive this pregnancy we are 31 weeks now with a boy and i have been so scared about starting over again its like my life is so easy now my son is so independent and i think here we go again. My hubby and i just took a newborn care cla__s and it brought back alot of stuff so we will all be ok its just getting used to doing this again.


pregnant76 - December 30

Kirsten, I was an only child for 13 years before my mother got pregnant again with my little sister. My mom also had to start all over again but she felt a little older and a little wiser. My mom also thought it was great that she had me to help her with the baby and chores around the house back then. As for loving/hating your husband, your emotions are totally out of whack right now! Don't feel bad...you're pregnant. I went through the same thing. My dd is now 6 months old. It gets better. Being nervous and anxious is totally normal. Good luck!


3babies - December 31

My sister and I are only 14 months apart, but I was 13 yo when my brother was born. I know my mum said it was really strange experiencing pregnancy again, but it was great having the two of us old enough to help out a little. I never felt like it was a chore, loved to hold him/bathe hiim etc. Even with your son being old enough to dress himself, grab something to eat etc is a big help to you. I would just suggest trying to include him in as much as possible with the baby. This is my 4th baby, but my sons were 6 and almost 4 when I had my daughter. It is really funny how much they dote on her and really want another sister this time. I bet your son will adore his baby sister. As for the hormones I just think each pregnancy is different, but one thing I can say for sure is that if I'm tired I am way more emotional (if I have any sort of control over my behaviour I stop mid rant/sob and put myself to bed for an hour!!). Those feelings are totally normal (just ask my patient husband who had me sobbing in the car because he bought cheezels instead of cheese twisties!!!). Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give you some rea__surance ... good luck!



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