15 And 30 Weeks Pregnant I Cant Even Eat

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Corrine321 - April 11

Okay well, i am so unbelievbly hugrgy! but everytime i try to eat something i feel like im gonna throw up and when i lay on my left side it feels like im gonna throw up! i dont understand..what is going on with me? is this normal?


San - April 11

Do you suffer from heartburn? I know sometimes I feel super hungry but it's really just heartburn and lying down makes it worse. Just a suggestion, hope you feel better soon!


Tess - April 11

Hello! Reason for that is...when you eat something your intestine have no room to stretch bcoz of your growing uterus (ur baby) try to eat small meals at a time. I too cannot lay on my left side...feels like my heart is having a hard time to pump or something.


Corrine321 - April 11

no i dont suffer from heart burn, but i have been eating smaller meals lately, its just even some of the tastes of food that come to my mouth i just feel so sick! i dont understad this.. this just came across me in the past 2 weeks...


krista-lee - April 11

hi! im 16, and 33w5d. i also feel too sick to eat much, and when i do i feel sick also. and sleeping at night, ugh its horrible! i also get sick like you do, my doc said its normal, and nothng to worry about! when is your due date?


Trinity102203 - April 11

Just to clarify you guy's comments here, are you guys feeling too sick to eat???? This just happened to me starting on Sat. I threw up all day and since then everything makes me sick to smell or eat and I get full and ga__sy after just a little bit of food. I thought it was a stomach bug but my 2-1/2 year old didn't get it so I am a__suming now it was not. Is this similar to what you guys are experiencing???


Corrine321 - April 12

Krista-lee, My due date is June 19th! Im having a girl, and were naming her Brooklynn! Were pretty excited! Trinity- Yeah, thats sort of what i been feeling like.. I get sick like once a night..i just do not understand!! lol!



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