15 And 32 Weeks And 1 Day

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Corrine321 - April 25

Well I am having such a hard time, i get these hot flashes that come and go..Im still in high school and i get so tired, sometimes its hard for me to get up in the morning, I cant walk that much without hurting very badly, i pee like evry 30 minutes!, my baby girl is constantly moving in there, shes head down already.. and im so nervous my water or labor os going to start at school! im due on June 19th! and im having such a hard time! I cant stand being pregnant these days! I wamt her out! Does anyone know any ideas of how to quicken up labor?


HannahBaby - April 25

um, your 32 weeks why do you want to quicken your labor??


Trinity102203 - April 25

Don't worry, Corrine, I am just like you. I can't stand being pregnant either. I wish I could have slept through these 10 months and woke up when it was over. I like to have control of my body---i.e. throw myself down on the floor and let my 2-1/2 year old walk all over my back--I know she is wondering why I have been so darn boring lately. Just to drink a beer and hang out. Unfortunately, I am 34 weeks, and there is no way to speed up labor. It takes its own LOOONNNGG course. So hang in there, you are almost there.


Corrine321 - April 25

because, im so uncomfortable! I really do want her to stay in there at least to 36 weeks... its just im scared to death to be at school! im scared im gonna go into labor there!


Trinity102203 - April 25

it probably won't. It'll start in the middle of the night hopefully. Plus, if you are sitting or standing, your bag of waters (if it breaks) will not gush so much so you will have a chance to get out of school. Plus, unluckily, you may be out of school by the time labor comes.


Tillie - April 26

Corrine, remember that "going into labor" doesn't mean you're suddenly going to be on your back in front of your locker, screaming obscenities and pushing out your baby! You'll most likely start with mild contractions that don't need to be visible to anyone else, and you can calmly get your things and leave school. It's also unlikely that you'll go into labor much before your due date, especially because you're a first time mom. So RELAX! And don't even think about having your baby early--it's probably not going to happen and just ask anyone who's had a baby early--you don't WANT it to happen. Let her be in there, calm and taken care of, as long as she needs to be. And you focus on finishing the school year and keeping yourself sane and healthy. Try not to waste too much time worrying! It won't help. You're going to be fine.


270606babygirl - April 26

hiya im 32 weeks iv already got my hospital bag packed im from england and im 16 i left college early bcos i was worried all the stress i was getting would hurt my baby i find out on 3rd of may if i can av my baby naturally im aving a girl as well i cant wait but at the same time im really scared i cant handle pain very well like some people lol reply pls love amy xxx


Diane - April 27

HannahBaby, I think you should not post here anymore and furthermore you should not post if you are going to be hateful and judgemental. We are supposed to be women supporting women and non discriminatory..that includes age..Please use your better judgment and be kind and refrain from taking your issues out on others. Hang in there Corrine, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!


Corrine321 - April 27

Diane- Thanks! I wish the light would come to me very soon! lol, but when ever my baby comes i will be happy! I just want to wait awhile still! Its just sooo hard to be at school all the time! I am always tired and very uncomfortable sitting for along period of time.. Hannah-You dont need to judge me, i know its probably because of my age, but if you were in the same situation i dont think you would be really appreciating that from someone!!


Trinity102203 - April 27

I don't think that 36 weeks is premature.


Mellissa - April 28

corrine, i don't know where you live, but i was in texas during high school, and i was able to go to a charter school (not because i was pregnant, but because of other reasons). the school was only 4 hours a day, and i got to choose whether i wanted to go from 8-12 or from 1-5. i earned a high school diploma, just like i would have if i attended a "normal" high school. that might be an option you want to consider if you are currently going to school for the typical 8-9 hours a day. also, after you have your baby that might be pretty convenient so you'd have more time with her. but since your due date is not until june, i would a__sume you'll either be done with school, or close to it, when your baby comes, right? i know it doesn't help much, but hopefully you will already be done with school when your little girl decides to make her entrance. :) with my daughter, i went two weeks over my due date... yeah it was uncomfortable, but i had extra time to plan and get everything ready.. maybe the same will happen for you. my sister was your age when she had her first daughter. she went to a school specifically for teenage girls. that helped her a lot. i hope you can find ways to get more comfortable, and remember... it's completely normal to have fears about going into labor at school. i'm paranoid that i'm gonna be in the middle of the mall and my water will break with this one!!! how embarra__sing would that be?!?! lol. anyhow, good luck, and i hope things work out for you!!!


nikeangelus - April 28

36 weeks is not premature, my nephew was born at 35 weeks [ he was a big boy]. I remember what it was like being in highschool and how even with out being 32 weeks pregnant i had trouble sitting in some of those seats. Just think about something else [ I know it's hard] and take your mind off it and soon enough the discomfort will be over.


mommietobe - April 28

Hang in there Corrine. I know it's hard but you will get through it. Most first time babies are overdue, and even if you do go into labor at school , you will have plenty of time to get to the hospital. Keep us posted on how you are doing.


ChannY - April 28

I know how you feel darling, I was like that before and she came into the world at 38 weeks and 4 days..Ever since like 36 weeks, i've been begging her to come and guess she aint listen to her mumma *slap*, so she waited for 2 weeks later. Now she's a year and 2 weeks old:) JUst hang in there, you're almost there! well..in like..8 weeks-less. Maybe she'll come soon? Who knows! Hope all is well. XX


HannahBaby - April 28

i had my daughter at 36 1/2 weeks. That is considered premature ladies. Anything before 37 weeks is considered premature, and even after 37 weeks their can still be complications. Im not judging you because of your age, i had my daughter when i was 19. Im judging you by your words and the things that yousay


Rachel0510 - April 28

I agree with HannahBaby, you don't need to be trying to induce labor this early. It's not healthy. 36 weeks is still considered premature for those who said it wasn't. A baby is not full term until 37 weeks. And if you are already tired of pregnancy at 32 weeks then you're going to have even a harder time towards the end. Try not to stress about it. You'll be fine.


Rabbits07 - April 28

Sorry ladies, but 36 weeks IS considered preterm. Any birth prior to 37 weeks is considered preterm. [the term premature is used when a baby is born before 37 weeks AND has immature body functions, such as undeveloped lungs, etc.--a baby born prior to 37 weeks with full bodily functions is deemed preterm]. Just because someone else's baby is born before 37 weeks and had no problems doesn't mean all babies born before that time will be fine. My second baby was born at 35 1/2 weeks and thankfully he was fine, but in the same hospital there were other babies in the NICU that were the same gestation as him that were on ventilators. Corrine, I understand totally how you feel both as a pregnant teen (I was 16 when I got preg w/ my first) and just plain out being huge and uncomfortable (I just gave birth to ds on March 31 and haven't forgotten). Have you inquired as to whether you can start doing homestudy? I know the schools here where I live allow the girls to start homeschooloing once they get so far along (my 15 year old daughter has 2 friends that are preg). Consult your guidance counselor about your options. And while I know it is uncomfortable so close to the end, you definitely do not want to try and speed up the onset of labor. Just be rea__sured that you won't be pregnant foreverand that by letting things take their own natural course you will have a healthier baby.



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