16 Amp Might Be Pregnant HELP

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joann - April 7

hi everybody i need some help please.I am 16 years old i will be 17 in november & my promblem is that i think I'm pregnant.I say this because the last time i saw my period was the 28th of february BUT me and my boyfriend had s_x before that like a week before that and up to this day i haven't seen my period now i'm having some funny feeling that i might be pregnant beause i'm feeling tired all the time even though i get alot of sleep i have a big appet_te i'm feeling really really bloated i always feel like i'm goin to throw up ad instead of seeinf my period i see some light brown or pinkish stains in my underwear,Now can u please tell me how this sound cause i'm really afraid and i don't know what to do.tell me if this sounds like i'm pregant. i decided to ask you beause i think that you WOMEN in here are very mature and u know what being pregnant is all about.so please help me. ~THANKS~


Allison - April 7

Buy a drug store pregnancy test. If it's negative, take it as a lesson. 16 is too young to be worried about being pregnant. Abstain or use contraception!


joann - April 7

ok thanks but you don't have to be so rude about it and all that att_tude


Jen - April 7

Joann, you are so immature! Alison is right, you are too young to be getting pregnant. And, someone who has half a brain wouldn't waste so much time writing all her symptoms down when all you have to do is get a preg. test. This site is for mature women, not babies. Get a life!


m - April 7

It sounds to me if you don,t use contraception, then you are pregnant.


v - April 7

jen theres no need for that she asked for advice with something that probably took a little nerve give the girl some credit!! joann theres no need to be rude either you wanted peoples answers there they are!! you are much too young- although if you are ganna have s_x be responsible about it ok?? a 16 year old doesnt even know too much yet about responsibility so maybe you should cool out until you do. i am 21 and have a month old baby it is hard work and even though he is the sunshine along with my husband in my life i wish i would have waited until my husband and i were alittle more ready and let me tell you weather you are or not if your pregnant that baby is ganna waste no time all u have is 9 months to prepare and even then you arent really prepared so take these womans remarks into consideration huh?? if your boyfriend loves you he wont mind backin off s_xually until you feel you are ready to take on any responsiblity for your actions!! get a pregnancy test and pray for it to be negative babies should not have babies!!!


joann - April 7

thanks v but i was not being rude and Jen i think u are the one being immature cause u runnin on with a 16 year old girl u shouldn't run out like dat cause that is not all for. and i think u are the one with the half of brain cause look around this site actually has a message board for pregnant teens and on every message board women as well as teens are asking questions just like me and they are listing there symtoms so i don't know what u tryins to imply and what i do is none of u or noboy else's business i didn't come on this to ask for permission i came to get some advice and it looks like to me that i can't none without getting att_tude from you women.on the other message boards everyone was nice to me it seems like u and allison has a BIG problem


Tamara - April 8

Joann, maybe you could learn a little English and not write like you are a kindergarden student...oh yeah, I almost forgot, you pretty much ARE a kindergarden student. We do list symptoms and share opinions and ideas regarding our pregnancies...you are unsure that you are EVEN pregnant!! Why don't you find out and then come back and write. What are we supposed to do...predict for you that you are or are not pregnant. Is there some other way of determining whether you are pregnant or not pregnant other than taking a test? Did you think we were going to give you a magic potion and decide for you whether you are pregnant! Seriously, you've been on other message boards and what do they tell you? Probably the same thing...to take a test! Honestly, you are too immature to have a child and it seems you are unwilling to face responsibility, obviously in denial and looking to complete strangers to tell you what to do when you should be doing the responsible thing and figuring it out with the father...and that is only if you ACTUALLY are pregnant. When I thought I was pregnant, I went to the store, took a test and that was that. The end. No need to get on a message board and complain about my symptoms when they could be nothing. What do you think we are doctors?! Jen is right. You are ridiculous!


Allison - April 8

Just because someone gives you straight-forward advice that you don't want to hear, doesn't mean that they are being rude. I know plenty of people who got pregnant in their teens, and none of them are "living happily ever after". Just cross your fingers that the test turns up negative. You still have many years to have fun, you don't want that to come to an end.


knowhowyoufeel - April 18

I was pregnant at the same age, and denied my pregnancy the entire time. 9 months later I had a baby, much to my parents shock. Take the test and then worry about what to do. There is no since in worrying until you know


Jessica - April 29

Joann, You must be so scared. I am a teacher and have a student who is pregnant right now. I cant imagine what you are feeling. The important thing is to find out for sure. How long has it been since you have had your period? YOu are still young so your period might not be regular yet, but that doesnt mean you are free and clear. If you are not pregnant, it might serve as a lesson. I am not here to tell you not to have s_x, you are your own person, and can make your own decisions. My only reccomendation would be to try some birth control (pills, patch, condom). If you are pregnant, it will be a scary time. YOu are still young, and the best thing you could do is find a way to stay in school. Please please please do not drop out. YOur education may be able to save you. If you need to talk, I will listen, I am good at that. I have been through the scare before, and the way I finally a__sured myself was with a test. So, let yourself know for sure, either way you will feel better. If you are not pregnant, it will take the anxiety away, and if you are pregnant it will help you prepare your body and mind for the road ahead.


m - April 29

joann sounds like you have an att_tude towards anyone telling you things you dont want to hear. Your only 16 and still young. Just go buy the test and move on from there. No point wondering anymore! Good Luck


Tarah - April 29

LOL!! Jen, Allison, "m", and Tamara, I love you guys!! You should go in the "Discomfort" forum!! There are lots of teens in there that think there is nothing wrong with them being pregnant at 13 and 14 years old!! Crazy, huh? It's truly a sad thing to see so many kids on this website who have no idea what being pregnant is all about! Maybe they should learn BEFORE they get pregant!! Or just not have s_x until they're old enough!! =)


To Joann - April 29

sweetie pie I'm 18 and pregnant, I know what you going through. Just take a test mama everything will be okay...good luck


Robin - May 2

Joann, go get you an ept. If you are pregnant don't worry it WILL be okay. I was 17 when I found out about my daugter who is now 2yrs. old. The whole time I was pregnant I couldn't help but to think "what am I going to do with a baby. As soon as I looked into those little eyes I fell in love with what I done those nine months ago. Just be cool and take everything one day at time and it will all work out in the long run.If you take the test and you are not pregnant PLEASE start using condoms, even though I know sometimes you get cought in a really good moment, better safe than chasing a bad a__s kid around.


Robin - May 2

Me again, I didn't read your letter the 1st time just jumpped into writing. YES it does sound as if you could be pregnant. If you are spotting. you should go to the dr. ASAP. you could be having a misscarage and from some one who knows. you would rather be pregnant.


Patty - May 4

You could still get your period. If you are stressed, which it sounds like you are you may miss a period. I missed a few periods and found out it was a change in diet and stress related. You should wait another 2 weeks and see if it comes, if not, buy a pregnancy test they are pretty accurate but usually not until youre late a couple weeks. I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant. I was scared too, I had only known the father, well, not long at all. I went to the women in my family and they were very supportive, they were there when I took my first pregnancy test and I cried when I found out. The father didnt want a baby but I made the choice to keep it. Now Mariah is 7 and I couldnt imagine my life without her. The father and I are recently engaged and pregnant again. Goes to show its not always as bad as it seems. I hope Ive helped to brighten your day. If your not pregnant I suggest birth control. Good luck!



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