1 Week Visits

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Jadejewels - March 7

went for my 35 week visit today and thought it would be my last two weeker. But now the doctor told me that I come back in two weeks. I could have sworn that with my other two pregnancies after week 35 they were every week. I am seeing a differnet doctor now but I always thought that wouldn't change. Oh well I guess I should take it as a sign that things are going really well! I was just so looking forward to closer visits since that is when all the fun really starts and it becomes more real that they baby will be here soon! Just wondering if anyone else is still going for two week visits after week 35? Hope all you ladies are feeling well :)


Kristin11 - March 8

I went for my 34 1/2 week check up yesterday and they scheduled my next visit for 2 weeks so by then i will be 36 1/2 weeks, which is actually really funny to me because with my first child i was scheduled for my 36 1/2 week dr.s appointment and went in to labor the day before. Hmm....wonder what will happen this time. Are you getting reall excited? I know i am i cant wait to meet my little boy and let my daughter meet her "brother baby". She is getting excited.


Taylors mama - March 8

I went for two weekers until I hit the 37 week mark!! (I'm almost 38 weeks now!) I am seeing a different doctor then I did the first time around also, and I thought that I remembered going every week around the 35 week mark too...Take it as a good thing though, everything is alright!!! Good luck!


missycc4 - March 8

I didnt start my one week visits until I was 37-38 weeks. The first one was Feb 28 then yesterday,14th,and last one is 21st. But I'm being induced Tuesday. Can't wait.


danimarie - March 8

Yep.....its right...that's how mine are....cause you look at it this way....the "last" appt is on your due date....40 weeks. There are supposed to be 4 one week appts. So they would be at 40,39,38, & 37. Then before that you have 2 weekers....so 35, 33, 31...etc. I have my 33 today. I was trying to figure that out cause I thought I was supposed to start one weekers at 36 weeks cause I was doing 40-4=36. But my friend just explained the last 4 week appts to me the other night and it made sense.


Jadejewels - March 8

Thanks Ifigured it was right, I was just a little disapointed. lol. Yes I'm so excited and my whole family is waiting in the edge of their seats for this little guy! the one thing about pregnancy is-It takes too long! orit just seems to feel like that at the end :) Hey missy good luck on your induction! and to the rest of us-hang in there we're almost to the finish line!!


Allypants0_1 - March 11

My next appt is my 36 weeker and after that I go to the doc every week. I've liked going on the even weeks. I'm strange that way.


blairmama - March 12

my doctor has me schedualed for and appointment at 35 weeks, 37 weeks.. and then every week from then on. im 32 weeks now, and i had an appointment last week. so for me, i only get one 2 week visit.. and then move straight to weekly visits.



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