1cm Dilalated Had A Show And Contractions

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liannem - October 17

Hi i am due today,at last! Feels like this day would never come.....Anyway yesterday i went the hospital and they done an internal exam,said i was 1cm dilalated and done a sweep. Then about 6 hours later, i had a 'Show' (my first one) and been having slight contractions,every now and again since then, Has this happen to anyone and gone into labour soon?


lily10 - October 17

I had a doctors appt on a Thursday and I was 1 cm dilated and my midwife swiped my membranes, by Friday afternoon I lost my mucus plug and had a bloody show. My due date was sunday 7/1/07 and I was having some mild contractions that whole weekend by monday they were getting really strong and I had my baby on Wednesday 7/4. Sorry for the long version of what I could have just said that it was 4 days since I had bloody show till I had my baby. Good luck to you!!!! It is so exciting and wonderful. I even liked being in labor...crazy I know but it was the most amazing experience of my life.


January - October 17

It may not be your "show".. membrane stripping can and usually does cause discomfort, cramps, and bleeding.. Many women have to have their membranes stripped numerous times. Many dr's put no faith in doing it at all and say it doesn't speed things up..


babynumber2 - October 18

i was due a week ago yesterday, and i had a consultation for an induction. They also did an internal and swept my membranes. Im to be induced in a few hours, and lost my mucus plug about an hour ago. If you have a bloody show, its bright red, and a nice bit of blood. The membrane sweep in my expierence causes lots of light pinkish red discharge after a little while, so it might just be that. Also, ive been showing contractions 8 minutes apart for 2 days, so if you are starting to get pains that come back regularly it could be time! just wait it out till your contractions get more painful and have them more often, or else the hospital will send you home. Good luck!! I hope you have a great delivery and your baby is beautiful and healthy!



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