1hour Glucose Test

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lulu - January 5

Hey, how many of you failed your 1 hour glucose test? I have to take the 3 hour test on Monday since my glucose was high. Just curious.


K - January 5

Hi lulu, I took the 1 hour test at around 23 weeks & pa__sed. Then I took it again around 28 weeks & failed. I also failed the 3 hour test. So I'm going to the diabetes center tomorrow to see what I can & can't eat. Good luck!!


BB - January 5

I failed my one hour but pa__sed my three hour. Just make sure to fast and bring something to eat for after your three hour. I made my DH go w/ me as it was a long day. I did have a high number on ONE of my three hour draws so they suggested I cut back on my sugar even though I pa__sed. Good luck. I hope have someone who can find your viens better then the one I had!


BB - January 5

*hope YOU have*


Emy - January 5

I failed my 1 hour and then pa__sed my 3 hour. This also happened to my sister and my step-mom. I don't know if it is because some of us more sensitive to the sugar we eat and maybe I should have fasted. So...I hope you are like us and also pa__s the 3 hour. But I agree with BB and say you should bring something to eat. After the 3 hour I felt so c___ppy. I had a serious crash from the sugar high I was on after all that orange stuff on an empty stomach and I was shaky and nauseas. If I could do it again I would make sure I brought some healthy foods to eat right after the last blood is drawn. Good luck!


K - January 5

I had a 172 on my 1 hour, and still pa__sed my 3 hour. I wasn't even close to the cut off levels on the 3 hour.


denise - January 6

I pa__sed my one hour but I think the mistake people make is that they aren't told to fast before the one hour. I was told i could have a light meal but I chose to fast anyway because i dreaded the 3 hour test. It happened to work for me.


kk - January 6

My doc told me to fast 4-6 hours, so I went to the lab right when I woke up that morning. I haven't gotten the results yet, my appointment is on Mon - but I am hoping I don't have to do the 4 hours...ugh!


Meredith - January 7

I faied the one hour, and pa__sed the three hour, although I only made it 2hrs20mins before tossing up my cookies.


LB15 - January 11

I failed the one hour and pa__sed the 3 hour, Don't eat any pasta the night before. I stayed away from most Carbs the day prior. It should be fine - Good luck!


Shea - January 11

I failed the one hour (198!) but pa__sed the 3 hour. I agree with LB15, stay away from carbs and sugar the day before.


Emy - January 11

That makes sense! I took my 1 hour the day after Halloween and I had two pieces of pizza and a couple of pieces of candy. Looking back it was a bad day to take my glucose test. lol.I might have pa__sed the one hour. So definitely fast like you're supposed to for the 3 hour and watch what you eat before fasting.


Rachel.R - January 11

i had a 2 hour test straight off.. and i pa__sed it... i was being told to eat really good so i pa__s by other women in the forum, but i thought to myself.. hey if i eat really good just so i pa__s, im cheating myself, and putting my baby in danger, so i ate :) cause i love food.. yum !! :)


Shawna - January 12

I'm glad others have posted their experiences about this. My clinic didn't have the 1 hour test with the sugar drink.... they asked me to eat a specific meal (1 cup orange juice, 1 cup milk, 1 cup cornflakes with 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 pieces of toast with 1 tablespoon of jelly) and come in exactly 2 hours later for the blood draw. I failed, but only by 8 points (the cut-off was 139, I had a 147). They asked me to come for the three hour fasting test, and I'm sort of concerned about it. I read that only about 15% of women will fail the 3 hour after failing the int_tial test, so that gives me some comfort. I will go tomorrow morning for the 3 hour test... I guess I should bring a book! I was told not to eat or drink anything after midnight and to come in early (around 7 a.m.) for the blood tests. Does that mean no water, either? Thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies!



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