1st Trimester Mom With A Question For 3rd Trimester Moms

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kathleen - July 30

Ladies, I don't mean to butt into the 3rd trimester party. But I'm hoping that maybe some of you could help me with a problem that I am having. I am only 6 weeks pregnant. For about the last 6 days I have had a constant, and I mean constant, lower back ache. It sometimes even hurts my hips. It won't go away for anything. I am fearing this is a miscarriage. The doctor is tip toeing around that, but from what I read, I shouldn't be having this type of pain so early on. Any of you have this problem and make it through??????????????????


Tiffany - July 30

I'm not sure if thats normal. My friend who has 4 children says she always gets lower back pain in early pregnancy. If your Dr. knows about it and isn't worried then it's probably okay. I have had a miscarriage and DID NOT have lower back pain. Just very severe cramps and red blood. I know it's very hard not to worry. Good Luck!!!


Lindsay - July 30

It may be that ur little one in on a nerve like the siatic(sp?) nerve. That is what a friend of mine who is ten weeks is experiencing. I wouldn't worry about a miscarriage though. I had one and I didn't have any type of back pain. Good Luck!


loopylou - July 30

ive had two miscarages one at 6 weeks just mild lower ab cramps then full on bleeding that day, one at 10 weeks where didnt have any preg symptoms then had cramps but never back pain???? im now 28 weeks, and thought i had miscarried this baby at about 6 weeks due to loss of b___st tenderness and cramps and little dark blood loss but hadnt, ive learnt that you wont be able to effect the outcome , i just kept asking and begging for an early scan had one and it showed a 6 week been with heartbeat, but they didnt want to give scan out easy, let us know, i know what its like to wonder, main thing is to think positive. good luck


JB - July 30

When I experienced that with my first child, I was told by my OB that it was was bones softening and spreading.


miranda - July 30

I had that a little bit at 9 weeks, and it eventually went away. But if you think your dr isn't being honest get a second opinion.


baby.ksh49.com - July 31

I agree with Miranda. if you don't like the way the doctor is answering the question (tip toeing around it) then ask another doctor. Problem could even be unpregnancy related. Good luck and don't feel like you're b___ting into the forum. Lots of us go to your first trimester forum. :)


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 31

I had a a dull lower back ache in the very beginning of my pregnancy (around 4 weeks). It was actually one of my earliest pregnancy signs. Can't explain why it happens, but it's happen with all 3 of my kids. :o)



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