2007 Or 2008 Baby

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Jilloh - December 28

This is for those mommies on the border line of a December baby or a January baby. My due date is January 5. I have been in the December mom's forum because I know the exact day of my LMP, I know that my cycles are regular, and I know what day that I had that conception had to occur. My calculations say I should be due December 31. The ultrasound showed January 5th, so that is what the doctor is going by even though if she just did the old fashioned LMP, 28 days and such it shows Dec 29. Welcome Mommies who haven't yet delivered in 2007 and those who are due in the first week(s) of January 2008!


Jilloh - December 28

1) I would like a 2007 baby because of the tax write off 2) I would like a 2008 baby because then it would have a different birth month then anyone in the immediate family (DH's birthday is at the beginning of January). So I am up in the air on a real preference but I would just like to meet baby Gender Unknown!


Kira_lynn - December 28

also a baby born in 2007 would always be the "little guy" in school and sports. Some think of this as a disadvantage.


coco797 - December 28

Hi! I'm due January 3rd. I was hoping for a December baby for the tax write off (horrible yah?) Plus I am just tired of being pregnant! But as it looks now, she will a January baby.


Jilloh - December 29

Actually the "little guy" in sports would be someone like my son who was born in April. Like in school or sports.....if born on/before (things like September 1) that would make him one of the last to turn of age....like 10, 13, 16, 18, 21.....you get the idea. I am sitting here thinking that this kid is dropping (thought it last night too) just doesn't seem as high up and walking is a bit more of a challenge today. Maybe I can still hold out for a 2007 baby (maybe one of the last ones) or maybe a one of the first 2008 babies!!!!


Jilloh - December 31

I am in final hours for a chance for a 2007 baby--but the race is still yet on :) This is fun because it determines a WHOLE YEAR :)


Jilloh - January 1

and the verdict is.....I will have a 2008 baby :)


mama keya - January 1

Me too! LOL hi I'm due 4/7/08


HeatherIsHopeful - January 1

yay Jilloh, you joined us for the 08 baby :) 2008 is way better anyway ;)


Sheneka - January 1

THanks! I am so ready to have this baby.



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