20 Days Till Due Date Anyone Else

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d - March 9

Hi Ladies, 20 days till my first original due date. 27 days from the second one they gave me. JUst wanted to find anyone around the same time as me.. Uncomfy. swollen ankles, sleepless nights.. Getting very nervous, anxious and scared.


PrincessesMom - March 9

My due date is March 27th, which would make me 18 days away. My OB went ahead and set up an induction date for next Wed., so now I'm 5 days or less. I definately know how you feel! I was on bed rest for 9 weeks for all sorts of reasons and still have a lot of pain and sleepless nights. I actually asked for the induction date because I really needed a date that I would not have to go past. It helped a lot! I'm guessing you are nervous and anxious because this is your 1st baby? This is my 4th, if ou have any questions, I'll try to help.


d - March 9

Hi princessesmom. Yep my 1st. I can't get over my ankles. I can have socks on for 5 mins and I get indents right away. Is your induction for this coming Wed or the following? I have to say my whole pregnancy was great. No morning sickness, no problems at all. I did fall in january, didn't start gaining all the weight until my 7th month. I have to say it was the being tired in the 1st trimester and now in the 3rd that is rough. How are you feeling?


PrincessesMom - March 9

I get puffy at the very end too. Cutting out all drinks but water and milk help me, as long as the OB os keeping an eye on your blood pressure it should be fine. Mine normally goes away within a week. My induction is this Wed. the 14th. I'm feeling pretty good now that I can get up and move around. Of course I have all of the discomforts of a big belly and the pressure of the baby, but nothing too horrible. I am so ready to be able to have my body back, lay on my belly, bend foreward while sitting, cuddling my kids without the belly in the way.....


andy - March 9

hi ... I have 23 days to go till April 1st !!!!! This is my first and I am so exited , I just came back from my apt and everything is ok , no progress still , we´ll have to see what happens next week ... I really want her so much to come that I´m still not thinking a lot about pain , contractions , etc etc ... I know it will come and be super hard , but come on , its just one day , and I have gone thru a lot with this pg , first treatment for anovulation , then subch hematoma at 6 w and 8 w , bed rest for 6 weeks , and now she has nuchal cord ... so I´m ready , I know she has a few more days to kick me but I hope she is a March baby ... I´m really not sleeping too , I have to pee every 30 min and my toes are little buns , and lets not even talk about my face , now it is round !!! I have gained 29 pounds and I just hope I don´t get pa__sed 30 , doubt it ! well ... princessmom , maybe you´ll come back to us to tell you about your baby and we will be here ... still waiting... LOL andrea


Taylors mama - March 9

Hi guys! I'm due on the 26th of March with my second baby, and I'm so tired of this. I've had a few bouts of false labor (this morning actually) and have had so many trips to the dr with this baby....I can't wait until he comes...My daughter was 2 weeks early, this one I hope will follow the same pattern! I'm uncomfortable all the time, my lower back is very sore, puffy and swollen hands and feet, and very sleepless nights accompanied with a lot of painful BH contractions! I wish everyone best of luck in your pregnancies, I guess we are almost at the finish line hey!


Meghan - March 9

Hi ladies! i have 10 more days to go until my due date (march 19th) but i am hoping it wont be much longer for me. This is my first baby, but I am already dialted and effaced. I cant relate to the sleepless nights and crampy feeling all the time, and the million and one times i pee a day! I cant wait to not be pregnant anymore and just hold my Daughter. I hope you all have healthy happy deliveries and babies:)


d - March 9

Nice to meet Everyone. Hopefully you all will share your stories... I can't wait to meet my little guy. I keep telling dh that Yes it is going to be wonderful to have him here and holding him..... But I think it will be weird not watching my belly move, not feeling him move, not being kicked... Of course it will be wonderful when he is here but having been feeling him moving for so long it will be strange.... Oh my. my legs are retaining water a lot today. Everytime I sit on my leg I get a indent. I have my appt monday. got to be sure I mention it to the dr. I guess it is good that really this is the only time this whole pregnancy that i have had the water retention. I hope that is a positive, that I didn't have it until now... Heartburn has eased up a bit the past week. LOL... I so need to go shopping. Still need soo much. When I wake up in the am, within 3 hours I am in need of a nap.. Anyone else?


pokerbabej69 - March 10

My due date is March 28th so I'm not too far away. I still wish that she would come out in the next few days. I don't sleep at night at all! It's not even from having to get up to pee my hips hurt really bad so I have to turn onto the other side almost every hour! Still have heartburn though which I'm sure everyone can relate to, that and I feel as though my ribs are going to break apart. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not really sure what to expect in terms of the laboring portion. I have a lot of menstrual like cramps but thats really it. I hope that she will come out soon! Hope everyone has an easy labor and delivery!



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