26 Weeks And Baby Droping Into Cervix

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redemptive_angel - April 11

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I am roughly 26 weeks and I can be fine all day carrying high, and then all of a sudden my girl drops right into my cervix which causes me to have to urinate really bad... to the point that if I waddle to the bathroom I don't think I am going to make it. Then after I use the bathroom and walk not even a foot, it feels the same (even though my bladder is empty). It hurts like some one kicked me in the crotch untill she moves back up. Is she supposed to drop into my cervix? I thought she shouldn't do that until I am ready to go into labor.


mommietobe - April 12

I am going through the same thing right now. I'm also 26wks. I lost some of my mucus plug last week but haven't had any contractions. The urge to go to the bathroom is unreal, like you've been holding it for 12 hrs or something. I was just treated for a uti and given the all clear after finishing my antibiotics. I' m going to call my Dr. tommarrow to ask if all this is normal, I'll let you know what they say.


mayaB - April 12

I'm in my 35th week and I've had that sensation for a while. So I would say not to worry too much. I came and went. For a couple of days it would feel like the baby was about to drop out, and then it would all be back to normal. Let me know what the doctor says though.


redemptive_angel - April 12

I just think its weird. This is my first and I don't have any sign of a uti or so I was told when I went in for a sinus infection. I never feel the baby drop, until its down there so its not something I can predict is going to happen.


Nora1 - April 12

mommietobe, have you asked your dr. about losing some of your plug? I had a small dot of what I think may have been a bit of my plug the other day. I'm at 28 weeks and 6 days. I haven't asked the dr about it though since it was so little of an ammount. But I was curious about your experience and what they could mean? Thanks!


mandydoid - April 12

I am also having this problem, I am 32 weeks tomorrow and the baby was in the breech position until last week.. Now the pressure of the head on my cervix is incredible, i even look like I have dropped since it turned. But so far no show and braxton hicks are the same as they were at 24 weeks.


mommietobe - April 12

Hi Nora, I did call my Dr and ask about it. He said your plug can regenerate itself , so as long as no other symptoms are present everything is fine. I have an appointment next week and they are checking my cervix just as a precaution. I lost my plug for like two weeks off and on with my first son and never went into labor on my own.


Nora1 - April 13

Thanks for the info, mommietobe! Good to know!



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