27 Weeks

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Michaela - April 16

Woo Hoo! I'm in the third trimester! FINALLY!


Tanya DP - April 18

Hehehe Congrats Girl! I hit the 27 week mark yesterday (17 April) hehe, just as excited as you.


nelly - April 23

i am 27 going on 28 thursday april 28


mandy~ - April 24

congrats!!! im 26wks today, my pregnancy has seemed to gone by so quick, i dont want it to slow down now but i hear the last trimester drags on. is this true?


CC - April 24

I'm 27 wks tomorrow. Baby's so active these days, and it's just these past few weeks that I've really started to feel pregnant.. i.e. rapidly expanding belly, more trouble sleeping, numbness in legs, and for the first time last night, SWOLLEN feet, yikes! I hope this is just something I ate and not a sign of things to come...


Kymmi - April 25

Congratulations to you girls. Let me just say to you though, the last seems like the longest!! But try to remember to enjoy it and get plenty of rest b/c once baby comes, there is no sleeping in.


Shona - April 27

Hi ladies - I'm 27 weeks on Friday!!! My pregnancy is going great!!! Just had my growth scan 2day and was told everything is great - apart from my placenta is lying a bit low. Good Luck everyone x


Jennifer - April 28

I also just turned 27 weeks on Monday. I am due July 25.


Cathy - April 30

I'm 27 weeks and 3 days can someone tell me when the 7th month starts? I seem to be getting diffrent weeks from everyone I talk to. Thanks a bunch. Congrats to all the preggo's. Happy and healthy babies and deliveries.


Toya - May 1

I remember how happy I was at 27 weeks. :) I am 39 weeks now, and although the third trimester seems the longest...it still goes by kinda fast! So, keep up those high spirits!! It's almost over!


Shona - May 4

Hi all - I'm 27 weeks now and reaching 28 weeks on Friday. I dunno when the 7 month starts Cathy - anyone else know as I was curious too.


Trisha - May 9

I am 27 weeks and will be 28 this Thursday.....I believe 28 weeks is 7 months!! so 12 more weeks to go......I am excited!!


Kelly B - May 11

Me too! I hit it on Sunday. My friends laugh (who have kids) and say "It's all down hill from here!". My baby too is very active lately. In the past two weeks I have really started to show. Good luck to all of you!


nm - May 11

I will be 27 wks on Sunday. I am due Aug 16th.


Mimi - May 13

Hi Girls, i am 27th week today and I am so glad I hit the last trimester. What kind of pains/discomforts are you experiencing? Braxton Contractions?! Backache?! pelvic pressure?!


Erica - May 13

You know, when I hit my third trimester, it did seem as if those last three months were the longest! And while my discomforts have been extremely minor throughout my pregnancy, I would have to say that I started feeling tired again around 8 1/2 months (but not like the tired feeling I had back in the first trimester...this is more of a "winded after climbing the stairs" than a "I pa__sed out in a dreamless slumber on the kitchen floor" type of tired. And because of the growing belly, just getting comfy as a whole (whether it is sitting on the couch or rolling out of bed) is a challenge. The feet started puffing around the 8th month for me as well...but other than that, I can't complain; I've felt pretty good for a woman who's set to have her C-section next week (baby's still in that frank breech position, darn it!) I can finally understand why women say, "I just want to have this baby now!!" because I find myself thinking that...not in a negative view, mind you, but just because everything else is ready to go and I am, too - we're just waiting on the main guest!


krista - May 14

hi im krista i have a quistion im 30 weeks and 0 day's im 50%effaced with 0 dialation is that bad????



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