27 Weeks And Depressed

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DisneyG1979 - October 28

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone eles around 27 weeks id just really depressed and feeling like this will never end. I dont know why but i feel really lonely and really sad. I feel like the baby will never get here. I know he will but it just taking so long. I am having a hard time sleeping , getting any comfort. IM really irritated all the time and just plain dont know what to do with myself. :(


srigles - October 28

Hi Disney, you're not alone! I'm 35 weeks today, and I feel fat, tired, cranky, ugly, and totally incapable of getting comfortable in any position. I hardly sleep at all. I'm so happy about this baby, and don't know why I feel so c___ppy. And I'm completely panicked about everything from labour to whether I'll be a good mom, to stressing over the fact that I can't clean the house. (High blood pressure, not supposed to do too much). I guess this last trimester feels like the longest one. Hang in there, from what I've read there's lots of us who all feel the same way. You're in the home stretch now. Hope things get better for you. :)


kristap - October 29

Hey!. I will be 35 weeks on Tues. and the depression probably set in about a week or so ago. I feel like you do though, I feel like this is never going to end. This trimester is most definately the longest. Its like its the waiting game. I feel fat, and grouchy and tired. Good luck though and hang in there, we can't be pregnant forever!!! and when our little boys get here, we'll have them for a lifetime, and it will be worth all this looong prenant period! -Krista


mandee25 - October 29

Hi girls. I am 37 weeks pregnant now and have been feeling terrible emotional wise for the past few weeks. Physically I feel very uncomfortable because of my huge belly and I toss and turn all night in bed. I cry a lot and just want this to be over with so I can have my baby. I feel depressed and like a failure for gaining so much weight and I just don't know what to think anymore. I know there is less than 3 weeks until my due date but in my emotional state it might as well be a lifetime. I hope you ladies feel better soon. Mandy


EmpressNnena - October 29

Hi Disney, just wanted to let you know that I've felt like this since I was 2 months. It's been so hard with the sickness, the uncomfortable feelings, the loss of appet_te, and everything else. It's just too much and I feel like it's not gonna end. I'm 33 weeks and I'm to the point where I've been feeling like it's been foreven so I just ask God to keep me strong and patient. This is not easy ladies and we have to hold on, not hang in there, but hold on because if we hang there's a possibility that we can fall so HOLD ON! We will make it. It's easier said that done but we need the encouragement and support. I pray that all goes well for all of us! Stay strong and i'll do the same.


avaontheway - October 29

After reading some of your other posts, it sounds like you have alot to be depressed about. How is everything going with the hubby?


LinB - October 30

Hi DisneyG - I'm 33 weeks pregnant and can really identify with you! Anything and everything is making me cry. Sleeping is getting worse and cos the neighbours have had the builders in for 4 weeks now I can't even try and sleep in the day .... the way I'm trying to cope is by forcing myself to keep in contact with friends / fam (even if it's only by phone or email) to try and offset the feelings of isolation, setting myself easily achieved goals so I feel positive about myself and if I want a cry just going for it. Also exercise really helps, I'll go for a walk or if it's raining walk up and down in my front room with radio / mtv on (don't laugh!). At the very least (and if you have the money) try one of your fave shops websites and order yourself something nice, there's nothing better than getting a parcel! But don't buy any clothes - all the maternity stuff I've bought doesn't fit / washes badly and then this makes me cry too as I have nothing to wear hence the reason I'm sat here in my bathrobe. Good luck, it won't last forever, and at least we have this forum to share and suppport. LinBXX


DisneyG1979 - October 30

HI ladies, Im sorry you all feel depressed. It sucks. But most of you are only a few weeks away. I hope you feel better soon. avaontheway, Things have gotten a little better between us i guess were not fighting anymore but money is tight , No job yet ist not from him not trying. Its just in he industry he is in that he is over qualified and most employers dont want to hire him because they think he will leave once somthing better somes along and then on the other hand his is under qualified on the others. So right inbetween. So he is frustated. But anyway the new place that we live in seems to help thing. I can leave the house now and he is back in his office most of the time so i barly see him lol. I guess thats better then fighting. I feel alittle better today but still just really dont know what to do with myself. I have got the new place set up and now im just waiting for baby. :) I guess the wait is driving me crazy :) as I know all of you understand.


Pea Pod - October 30

Hey Disney. I'm 28 weeks and feeling pretty bummed out lately, too. Up until lately, I'd get bummed only occasionally and just blamed it on pregnancy hormones, but last Friday, after a couple of days of lower abdominal pains with and without bh's, I went to the labor and delivery triage to get checked out and, although most everything seemed fine, they did notice what they called uterine irritability and recommended light activity/modified bedrest at least until I can see my regular dr and get checked out more thoroughly. So, not only am I freaked out that I am at risk of going into early labor, but the prospect of any kind of bedrest for the next 3 months is so depressing. And for some reason, even though my husband is really helpful and is willing to do all the housework and stuff, I feel so alone. It doesn't help that when he was cleaning the the tub for me to take a bath this weekend I teased him as we usually tease each other and he said, "you say that while I'm cleaning the tub for you?" and while I know he didn't mean anything by it, it made me feel that much more useless. And then when he was talking to his mom, either his sister or sister-in-law had told her about the hospital visit and she thought it was because I had been doing too much. i don't know if she thought that because whoever told her told her that or if she misunderstood them or what, but it hurt my feelings so much to think she thinks that whatever is wrong is my fault. Of course, I worry it is somehow my fault, but I certainly hadn't been doing too much. And to make it worse, he didn't really stand up for me, either, as he usually doesn't. And, okay, this is turning into a rant, it doesn't help that my husband hasn't really been treating me with affection or like he's attracted to me in any way, adding to my I'm-so-fat feelings. He is aware of this and says he's just been so busy with the house (we just moved and have had a lot of yard work to do) but still. All these things just add up and all of it on top of waiting and waiting and waiting for a baby. I don't go to the dr till wed and even if she says I don't need to do any kind of bedrest, the way I feel, walking to stay in shape doesn't seem to be an option because it makes walking very uncomfortable, so now I'm freaking out about being totally out of shape by the time the baby is born. Is this your first baby? Is 1979 the year you were born? I'm 1978. Do you work, or are you like me, at home just waiting for the baby to be born?


DisneyG1979 - October 30

Hi Pea Pod, I can totally relate to everything your saying. I also cant walk, MY husband has issues of his own so there is not alot of affection right now and it also makes me feel unwanted and unattractive. :( and if there is somthing going on that your at risk for pretrem labor there is nothing you did or can to, Bedrest will help but baby is going to come when he or she is ready regardless of what you do. Im a stay at home wife just waiting for baby and 1979 is my birth date year. My baby is due 3 days after my birthday :) Jan 28th. It should be intresting having another aquarian in the house. My husband is so excited , he is just thankful its a boy, lol I hope you feel better soon. I just keep hoping that Halloween is tomarrow and when im not pg Nov , Dec and Jan goes by so fast so hope it does this time. and anytime you want to talk you can email me. My email is disneygirl20s@hotmail.com


Pea Pod - October 30

well, the contractions and pain have been worse today so after speaking to the nurse at the hospital and using common sense, I'm going to do full bedrest until I can see my dr on wednesday. ug. totally sucks. the only laptop we have is the one my husband uses for work, so I can't even kill my time playing around on the internet. If it does come to full bedrest, maybe we'll rent a laptop for a few months cuz I can't imagine just watching tv, reading magazines, and working on my sc___pbook all day long. Anyway, thought I'd share so you'd know why I'm not responding. btw, we're having a little girl and we just couldn't be more excited. this is our first. well, I'll check back in when i can. Feel better!


Aviendha416 - October 30

I'm 32w 3d and I'm depressed after seeing what a whale I am in my baby shower photos. 8-\. On top of that I am still commuting 45 min (both ways) on a train to and from work during peak hours (Lucky if I get a seat) to a office job that I hate but had to get transfered to once I notified my employer that I was expecting. The only thing that is keeping my sanity intact is the fact that I have 4 weeks left of work before I go on my leave. Atleast my job is kind enough to give me off 4 weeks prior to my due date. I'm also having trouble getting comfy and sleeping. I feel as if baby is sitting up in my lungs and breathing is a 24/7 occupation. My back started hurting this past week and I'm sure it's partly because of my work commute, stress and my suspicion that this baby weighs 3453498 pounds already. We're all on the same boat Disney but it's the HOME STRETCH! Don't give up now! 8-)


LinB - October 31

Hi Aviendha416, just wanted to comment on your daily commute and rarely getting a seat? I had exactly the same experience. As a family we were brought up to be polite, have manners and this included offering a pregnant lady your seat on public transport. I'm shocked that this is now the exception and not the rule. On one journey, a male preferred to let his laptop have the spare seat next to him rather than offer it to me (I was 7 months at the time)!! Is there anyway your dr. can sign you off for the remainder of your 4 weeks? It sounds like you need some r&r. Take care.


Pea Pod - October 31

An update: went to the dr today, everything looks fine, she's just waiting on that fetoneuro whatever, the test that will show if labor could be imminent in the next two weeks, but I'm fairly sure it will be negative. She also said, a__suming it comes back negative, I can go about my daily life as usual...no bed rest! As for rude people, I haven't had the problem with not getting a seat, I don't commute on bus or anything, but I am constantly amazed at how many people don't move out of the way when they see you waddling uncomfortably around, or don't hold the door, or whatever. I went shopping I this lady clearly saw me coming but parked her cart right in the middle of the aisle so I had to go around a display rack! Maybe its just my hormones, but I was so mad!


pinkbo0tlace - October 31

hey hun. I am 36 weeks on Nov 1st, and I will be honest with you - I have been depressed since I was about 8 weeks along. I know I'm not much help but at least you know you are not the only one. Smie. XXXXX


Aviendha416 - October 31

Hey LinB. It is ABSOLUTELY the exception rather than the rule for someone to offer a seat to a pregnant woman on public transportation. The seats are usually occupied by bags, laptops, feet etc. The only fella who offered me his seat was a young guy i'd guess was around 17-19 years old. I even had some jerk just tilt his legs into the aisle expeting me to leap over them at 7 months pregnant to get to the seat next to him. I'm naughty and have a mouth on me so I gave him what for. "Hey pal, I'm 7 months pregnant, do you really want me to try and hurdle your legs and fall on you?" When I DO get a seat it's usually between two LARGE people who take turns falling asleep on me. Now normally it's not too big a deal, but ever since this baby decided to take up real estate in my chest cavity, I have a hard time breathing sitting bolt upright with my arms crushed into my chest. I've started driving for my own sanity. I'd rather not have the Dr sign me out for my remaining 4 weeks. My job gives us unlimited sick time. Sounds great yes? It STINKS! Sure you can go sick and get paid for however long you are sick but you are also under house arrest when you're sick. They check up on you via phone or send someone over to make sure you are home. If you are not home you have some splainin' to do and will probably recieve a written repremand. Incase you are wondering which twisted employer I work for, it's none other than the NYPD. Personally, I'd rather have XYZ # of sick days that I can use whenever, no questions asked.


LinB - November 1

Hi Aviendha416 and Peapod - wot is going on, why don't people have common manners anymore?! I had a young mum (in the middle of a busy pavement) literally 'shake' her buggy out of it's folded status and if I hadn't been looking where I was going (as preg. women we have to as no one else looks out for us) she'd have 'buggied' me in my stomach. She didn't even look up/notice! Not to mention all the fe/males who walk a__sertively towards me in shops / on pavements etc expecting me (now 8.5 months preg. and, to be honest, showing!) dodge around them?! I can't wait till I have my buggy (my mother just bought me an 'off roader' heavy duty style one!) and I can push that into ankles and shins - revenge will be mine! No wonder you get mad Peapod, it's so disrespectful and down right rude. Good for you Aviendha416 giving people a mouthful! I must admit I tend to voice my anger these days too (a woman in the supermarket pushed her cart into me and I gave her a mouthful, which I'd do preg / not - wotever happened to 'do to others, wot you'd like done to yourself?!) End of rant!



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